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MEDIA RELEASE: Flossie Media Group becomes Actual Dialogue

Following the merger in March 2010 between Flossie Media Group and New Zealand email software specialists Digital Dialogue, the company today announced further details on their strategic changes and product offering. From 1st of May Flossie Media Pty Ltd will change its name to Actual Dialogue Pty Ltd. The business is focused on building customer engagement and loyalty through newsletter communications. Two core products will drive the business:

Actual Mail™ – a custom-built email platform that companies can use to send out email newsletter communications to their customers.  Priced from as little as $50 per month, it is considered one of the most cost-effective mass-send email tools on the market.

Then, using the same platform, companies can choose to monetize their email newsletter communications through advertising using our proprietary ad service, Actual Ads.

The advertising comes in the form of a branded Content Feed that delivers offers, competitions or sale information to the newsletter database audience.  Every time the audience clicks, the database owner earns money.  For Advertisers, Actual Ads™ makes it easier (via segmentation) to reach actual audiences and pay only for those who click through.

The uniqueness of this model is the merging of the two systems.  Actual Mail™ allows Actual Ads™ to access actual data to deliver segmented advertising.  Using a unique code embedded in the email newsletter template and, employing smart ad-serving technology, the system “calls-up” the ad relevant to that person and inserts into the newsletter.  The ad is only embedded when the recipient opens their email.

As an example – two men, both 25 years of age, but living in different locations, may see different ads in the same newsletter based on the selection made by the advertiser.

The advertiser is able to access cost effective advertising solutions, payable via credit card on a cost-per-click basis.  There is no budget wastage – the advertiser is paying only for what they get.

Director, Jenene Freer says it’s a sign of the times, “Self-service performance media is changing the way in which we buy our media.  The pressure is on for Marketer’s to deliver greater value and ‘bang for their buck’ and Actual Dialogue has heeded that call by creating a product that meets today’s advertising requirements.”

She further points out that the Flossie brand is still relevant to the business, “The brand has become a vertical consumer channel within the Actual Ads™ system – helping women connect with deals online.  In addition to this, we will be launching another channel simultaneously and further details on this will be available within a few weeks.”

Actual Mail™ is available for immediate use and Actual Ads™ from June 2010.

For further information or a product trial, please contact:

Jenene Freer


Actual Dialogue

+61 (0)451 370 484


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