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Total media convergence

I was showing someone through the new Wired Magazine iPad application yesterday and while she was marveling at the animations, video, audio and general interactivity she made the comment, "Its not really a magazine anymore."

ipad and wired magazineAnd in a way she’s right. It seems that with increasing broadband speeds and new media delivery devices such as smart phones and tablet computers that host an array of apps, we are heading towards total media convergence.

Total media convergence was something I first started to think about in mid-2009 when Austereo management invited me to preview their plans for digital and online radio. Here was a radio station that was beginning to package audio, video, live streaming, gossip magazine style columns and pictorials competitions and more all under one digital roof. At the time I said to them, you’re not really going to be a radio station, you’re becoming a full service media company.

As the digital pipes widen and the promise of a high speed National Broadband Network is realised, the lines between traditional media suppliers will likely become increasingly blurred and their old delivery formats increasingly irrelevant. The only real point of difference will be the rights each media owner has to various products Ie. talent and programs.

In an age when anyone can create their own podcast, vodcast, YouTube channel or blogsite, what is to stop any of the established media players from creating their own diverse content online? Popular radio hosts can create TV shows. TV current affairs programs can extend their format to vodcasts or streamed “radio” shows. News and magazine journalists can take their reporting further with video and audio.

As I wrote last year, Its the Package not the Platform that matters as we move towards total media convergence.

What do you think? Will media stay on separate paths or converge? Is this a good thing or not?


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