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11 Social Media Marketing Trends 2011

Yes its February, but part of the reason of this timing is because of the launches that have been pumping out in the last few weeks. So with 11 months left of the year, I figured its a good time to look at the trends shaping the rest of 2011.

11 social media marketing trends for 2011

  1. The rise and rise of curation  -Paper.li, Storify, turn influencers into social journalists We are drowning in too much content, so “trusted sources” whether individuals or journalists become more and more important. Paper.li and Storify are platforms which help compile & disseminate curated content.

  2. The always-on consumer - Smart phones, iPads, tablets, iPhones, Kindles. WiFi. It used to be the Three Screens report - TV, mobile, and computer. Now we may have up to 5 or 6 screens we juggle. It’s consumers revenge, because if we want to find the best price or don't get good service, we can search & find or be vocal about what we want - on the go.

  3. Digital detox. We’re going to need it. Welcome to the Attention Deficit Disorder Economy. The flipside to being a connected consumer is the antidote to devices and connections -opt-out. Lifestyles, weekends, events. To give people “no answer” in a society of hyper-connectedness, can be seen to be a slap in the face. So you need a “disclaimer” to say you’re out of contact, or you could be seen as rude.

  4. Data. Visualized. Nicholas Felton inspires Foursquare data, creates Daytum, and proves personal social tracking can be useful and data can be sexy Daytum is a free (and paid if you want privacy) service that enables people to make analytical sense of their personal data.Now with an accompanying iPhone app to make data entry just that little bit easier. Inspired and created by Nicholas Felton whose personal data is made into exquisite annual report.

  5. Influence. The velvet rope goes virtual. Score big in social and get preferential treatment. A Las Vegas hotel gives you better hotel rooms if you have a high Klout score, while Peer Index maps your topics, activity, audience & authority across major social profiles.

  6. Information as magazines. Flipboard, Taptu, Pulse, Feedly, part of the transformation of how we ingest information. Proof that good design wins. Information overload means we have to scan, read, ingest, “get across” so much content every day. Apps manage web information in a far more visual and interesting way.

  7. Auto-checkins - or background processing takes over. From iPhoto facial recognition to apps that checkin for you, welcome to the era of it being done for you. IntoNow is an app that listens to what you’re watching on TV, then checks you in automatically. It then shares the information with your social graph.  Future Checkin automatically checks you into Foursquare without you having to take your phone out of your pocket.

  8. Tagging as a marketing strategy. Instagram implements tags, all of a sudden it's a marketing & engagement platform. Lipton Brisk Ice Tea is using a tagging campaign via Instagram app and social community with a competition to print the best crowdsourced photo onto the can of iced tea.
  9. Content syndication becomes app driven. The Guardian leads the way by opening its platform with a content API and a news feed plug-in for Wordpress

  10. The gamefication of advertising.  The New York Times iPad app HTML 5 game banner brings new fun to a tired format. HTML5 Gamified Banner Ad on the iPad from Glow Interactive on Vimeo.

  11. Ubiquitous Geo-location. Geo is important. It’s just moving to the background so you get seamless info when you need it. Task Ave app, gives you an alert to do errands on your phone based on where you are Where the Ladies At app aggregates women checking into Foursquare and lets the guys know where to find the ladies.

That's how I see the rest of the year, and it could almost be renamed 2011 the year of the social application. I'm keen to hear what you see are the emerging trends for 2011.


Posted by Richard @ Unifor, 4 February 2011

Not sure the gamification of advertising is really social media marketing or simply marketing?

Posted by Walter Adamson, 8 February 2011

Good list, thanks for the links, lots of very interesting examples.

Posted by Beth Powell, 10 February 2011

2011 is the hyper 'always on' through automation. The challenge for marketers is to create a single meaningful relaionship with consumers, regardless of what device, platform, automation system the consumer is using. The challenge for consumers is choosing to turn off when they want to and knowing how to. Thanks for all the links and I love the way you have presented this.

Posted by Tiphereth Gloria, 10 February 2011

Thanks for the comments. Richard, fair point about the gamefication of advertising, but that is also an opportunity for marketers to make advertising more interactive and to plug into new and existing games and platforms.

Posted by Tiphereth Gloria, 10 February 2011

Beth, agree with consumer & marketing relationship needing to be independent of both the platforms & devices. It can often be a tricky balance between over and under communicating, at least with social it's opt in so people can tune out if they choose.


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