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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - The Rise of Android OS

The Smartphone. For two years we've seen a swarm of predictions about the future of these handsets. DigitalTrends released an article last year about Smartphone potential; they'll replace computers, they'll connect you to your surroundings, they'll pay your bill and book a cab home.

Late last year, CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt gave an interview at the Web 2.0 conference. During his talk, he praised Apple as historical leaders in the Smartphone field. And Nielsen stats agree, showing iOS as the ‘headliner’ Smartphone since their emergence. 2010 was Year of the Apple product. They created the genuine tipping point, amplifying branded buzz with the release of their iPhone 2.

But an interesting global trend has emerged. In an age coloured by the rise and rise of the Apple Empire, the Android army has silently formed.

Schmidt’s belief is that no one really knew how powerful the Smartphone was going to become. And we probably still aren’t sure. However, it would now seem that Androids are the dark horses.

According to Internet News, while Apple doubled the number of applications in their store, Android grew six-fold - a reflection of Android’s momentum across the last year.

And now, based on the open nature of the Android platform, predictions are that consumers will be seeing a further swarm of Android apps.

Companies such as the Australian Broadcasting Corperation (ABC) have already jumped onboard the 886% global growth in Android uptake. It has taken advantage of the Android OS context menus and inbuilt search functions, providing users with up to date news and sport stories.

And many others, such as The Age and, are following suit.

We all know how cool, innovative and sophisticated the Apple Smartphones are. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan - had one since release - but the Droid has now taken majority market share in America. And it’s coming to do the same down under.

In Australia, the Androids are creeping up to conquer. These day’s, the Smartphone market is exploding. And it’s creating opportunity for everyone; consumers, marketers and manufactures.

So strap in your seatbelts - we’re set for some exciting times ahead.


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