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Digital focus for 2012

Digital predictions for 2012 are a dime a dozen so I have taken a slightly different approach by detailing what I believe is most important for marketers to think about and focus on in the year ahead.

Think agility / real time marketing

Content marketing, search and social media all have 1 thing in common – to get ahead it’s all about “real time”. Google’s freshness update, which was released in November, focussed on serving the most up to date content about a particular topic (and is said to affect approx 35% of results). Whilst in the social sphere negative WOM can spread quickly – just ask Qantas. So in 2012 marketers need to think on their feet and show agility to leverage opportunities as they present themselves – this could be to develop a unique piece of content based on what is trending, or extending a social media campaign beyond its initial scope based on consumer uptake just like Coke has with their Share a Coke campaign.

Re-think offline

Through Augmented Reality, QR codes, and emergence of tCommerce and smart TVs – offline media is being re-defined in the role it plays within the marketing mix. But all of this is worthless if marketers don’t begin to take advantage of opportunities to integrate offline with these new technologies, to drive direct response from traditional awareness channels. Thus marketers must re-think how they are leveraging offline in 2012.

Think mobile first

The local market is behind the 8-ball when it comes to mobile. With mobile internet usage up 71 per cent year on year and smartphone ownership up around the 50 per cent mark, a fundamental shift is upon us. Mobile web will overtake desktop web this year or next and yet only 20 per cent of Australian businesses have a mobile site.

So in 2012 we must shift our mindset to think mobile first – and that doesn’t just mean build an app or a site, it’s about putting mobile at the heart of marketing and web strategy.


Think about meeting consumer expectations digitally

For a while now consumer usage of digital has not been matched by investment of brands in the space. Many brands are failing to reach, connect and engage with their audience through the most relevant digital channels. Further still those that are actively utilising the most relevant channels, are falling short of delivering experiences that reflect how consumers are using those channels. In 2012, brands need to think how they are going to deliver experiences that meet or exceed usage habits of their customer base.

Don’t think at all. DO!

Whilst most of this article has focussed on what to think about in 2012, actioning your digital strategy is of most importance this year. Whilst we have made inroads many large Australian brands are still lagging in investment / uptake of digital. Make 2012 the year of digital for your organisation – failure to do so means your brand will become increasingly irrelevant.


Posted by Martin C, 17 January 2012

An interesting theme, i'd suggest the shift in hardware devices will play a role, although, i think we'll witness more of a 'digital' push, not just in the UK via the digital switchover which incidentally is a massive move. The implications for consumers is truly huge, let alone brands looking to engage with a 'new' audience. In particular the 'silver surfer' who in all likelihood, has been less 'digital' if i can use that pun.

For me, with the evolution of hardware devices, 'new' social platforms, what we are witnessing is a total change in attitude towards privacy, but also, to how brands encourage users to 'act'/ perform 'actions'.

Some have suggest a 'Minority Report' style 'e-volution', i'd tend to agree. The question then comes, rather than race away digitally, how do you take your audience with you?


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