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Advertising on your shower screen

This was a concept that caught my eye at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas. It was a first look at the Transparent Samsung LCD smart window. This is a product looking for ideas especially from a media point of view so well worth a look.

Samsung TV

The concept is simple. Its a LCD display on clear glass so you can either have the TV, internet , pictures, blinds or the glass. There are many possibilities to make this screen useful. Think Car windows, apartment's windows, shower screens, kitchens, visors, or even your mirror. It also has to have some great applications for outdoor media.

It sounds pretty amazing to me. Its touch screen and seems very responsive, but think about how much better this would work with Voice (see Apple Siri piece). 

Some possible issues out side of the obvious, do we actually need a TV on your window, are we conditioned to watch the box in the corner or on the wall and are living areas and kitchens designed for this sort of thing? Also its hard to imagine that the quality of the image is not affected by the 9mm glass, especially at night when it has to be backlit or in very bright sun light?

As you hear in the video, its 'future' technology and they are not stating when it will be widely available. However in another video they mention that its out in 2011. But at this stage we neither have an idea of the cost, nor when we can get one.


Posted by Drew Harding, 17 January 2012

Now that is pretty awesome... is that right though, a clear screen? For real? One question I didn't hear was what is it like from the outside looking in? I guess if you're watching TV or browsing the internet the person on the outside may see a reversed view of what you are looking at?? Who knows... but still amazing technology. Exciting times!

Posted by John Lynch, 17 January 2012

Yes a 100% clear screen lit from the sides. I think that the reverse view is not possible as in another video someone asks about privacy and get told that its not a problem as its just one way viewing. Exciting times indeed.


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