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Startup interview Marius Kraemer and

Marius Kraemer tells about what motivated him to come up with the brilliant real-world social app Matewire. He also give us and insight into what drives him and his 6 key tips on being an entrepreneur (which I now have on my wall). Finally for advice on stress busting he has introduced me at least to the soon to be massive sport of Tricking. Check out the video, it looks easy...

MatewireIntro and Start up brand

  • Start-up Name:  Matewire
  • Website:    
  • Owner: Marius Kraemer
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Startup Age:  6 months (launched this week)

Questions to Marius

1. What’s the elevator pitch on what you are doing and why does the world need this?

Matewire is a “real-world” social-network for mobile, where our users can see and join social & outdoors activities like spontaneous footy in the park or free boxing sessions down the road. We make use of the internet to bring people back into the real world and our goal is that people will never again have to miss the amazing activities happening just around the corner.

2. Was there a defining Eureka moment that led you to start this?

When I came here as an international student 1.5 years ago, I always wanted to go surfing, but didn't know anybody to go with. I thought: “There must be a better way to find new mates who want to do the same thing.”

3. What are your biggest challenges to making it work?

Getting the right team together took several weeks of work. However now, we have to get users on it, which is the hardest part, but also the last part as well.

4. What drives you as an entrepreneur?

I deeply believe that I can do a lot of good in this world. For that reason, I want to become successful as quickly as possible so that I can leverage every hour I work a hundred fold for each new project I do.

5. What is the number one lesson you have learned?

Hm, there is no real No. 1 lesson for me. I actually summed up my top 6 rules what I think it needs to become a successful entrepreneur in a blog post a few days ago.

1. Think big
2. Don't smother your idea
3. Know your capabilities
4. Be open 
5. Mix with the insane
6. Embrace failure

6. What’s your Stress-taming tactic?

Doing my own sports Tricking, and knowing that everything will be good in the end and if it’s not good yet, it’s not the end.

7. How do you handle rejection?

Take the feedback, but never stop believing in yourself. I analyse why I was rejected and then forget about it 5 minutes after. I always tell myself that the ones who rejected me were not fortunate enough to see the beauty and potential of my idea.

8. What’s next?

Getting users. Then establishing Matewire in Sydney as the app to use every day. Then Australia, then the world. I want our users to see their surroundings hundreds of activities posted by people around them on the entire planet, so that they can connect with local people who are interested in the very same things.

9. Any advice to young Treps?

If you really feel like you would be able to do so many amazing things to improve the world we’re in if you only had the money and the people to do it, you absolutely need to get the people you need on board, drop everything else and build your idea.

10. Is there anything the Digital Ministry community can do for you?

Spreading the word and making us part of the whole Australian ecosystem that is taking off right now. We are all about the Aussie entrepreneurs-community and we are promoting everything that makes it stronger.

Matewire went live on Tuesday so support your local startups - Here are links to their app for iPhone and Android and their website

Have you just started? If you have an interesting startup please drop us a line and we will feature it to up to 20,000 of your industry peers.


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