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The Big 5 Web Heavyweights Controlling Content Distribution

In a recent presentation at Social Media Club Melbourne, Steve Rubel of Edelman proclaimed 5 companies control and influence the distribution of content on the web Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Amazon. In an era where brands are rapidly generating content to connect, engage and inspire consumers, no brand can ignore the role some or all of the big 5 play in their content and digital strategy. Although there are many different strategies and approaches brands can take to effectively leverage these channels, the Big 5s current focus will influence where brands need to exert their energy next

The big five content distributors Having an app doesn’t mean you have Apple covered
With over 600,000 iOS apps in the Apple app store and 450,000 available on Google play – app discovery is one of the biggest challenges for brands. In fact many are touting apps will be the main way content will be consumed in the future – across different platforms (ie TV, mobile, tablets etc). With an increasing amount of apps available and app search activity rising, app stores are set to become the next search battlefield. Thus there is little wonder why Apple has begun beefing up their search capability through the acquisition of Chomp earlier this year (an app discovery engine).

So what does this mean for brands with apps? One of the areas digital marketers have begun to focus on is app optimisation to increase discoverability of branded apps. For more information on app optimisation click here.

Riding the disruptive wave of Amazon….
Amazon is not often discussed in the same vein as Facebook, Google or Apple but why? Unlike the big tech companies – Amazon didn’t invent a new product or service – instead it disrupted an entire industry. And disruption seems to remain high on the agenda for Amazon, but this time it is a far cry from disrupting the book market like it did 15 years ago.

In December 2011, Amazon, sent chills down the spines of retailers when it called on its mass of customers to scan the prices of toys, electronics, sporting goods and music with the Amazon barcode scanner app. The end game? Amazon wants to build a lethal database of price comparisons to wage war against its competitors.

So what does this mean for retailers? Ultimately the ability to check prices on your mobile phone when you’re in a physical retail store is changing the way people shop and although this is not new, Amazon’s play into the “comparison content“ arena is something brands need to pay close attention to.

Facebook & Twitter – News that finds you
The social web has changed the way in which content is discovered. Unlike content that consumers actively seek out via search engines, through Facebook and Twitter content finds people. With nearly 1 billion consumers globally using Facebook, the need to invest in snackable and shareable content has never been stronger.

But with nearly half of Facebook’s audience now using the platform via mobile devices, Facebook is adapting to remain relevant. Enter the new Facebook app centre launched in early May. The prime aim of the app centre is to provide a central location for Facebook users to discover apps that use the Facebook login. For apps accessible via the app centre, social will play a pivotal role in discovery with the recommended apps based on one’s network and social activity.
Whilst it is still early days for Facebook’s app centre it presents a new opportunity for brands to get branded content into the hands of consumers.

The omnipresent Google
And finally and by no means least there is Google whose current and future role in distribution of your content is wide ranging.  There already in the home when I want to chill out with Google TV or with 2 new services rumoured to launch in 2012 – Google’s G Drive – a cloud based storage service and the Android@Home entertainment hub. G-Drive, which is anticipated to launch in a matter of weeks will store music, video and e-books. Whilst Android@Home is anticipated to stream music, video content and more. They are increasingly there, albeit slowly, when I want to socialise with Google+ especially with its hangout video conferencing feature. They are in the office with Google Enterprise and its many bells and whistles lab products. They are there when I am out and about via my mobile and soon to be launched, rumoured for end of this year, via Google sunglasses and they are there when I'm in my car with Google X secret lab. Google in short has an omnipresence distribution and delivery strategy.

So ignore the role of some or all of the big 5 play in your content and digital strategy at your peril.



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