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Why money doesn't mean anything to your goals, but why it actually means the world

What is the motivation for someone to drop stability, save income and a "worry-free" life? Many people and upstarting entrepreneurs think, they need to make a lot of money quickly. But what would they do with it?

digital disruptionShould they focus on making money with their business? Some aspiring entrepreneurs might be fooled by the notion of being rich, buying big houses, lots of cars, but on the way of getting there, they find out that this is not the true reason why they are doing this. What drives them is the fact that they want to improve status quo, they want to make innovations that make people happy, by enabling them to do things they could have never done before.

More things just mean more baggage, more things that you have to worry about, that clutter your mind and that distract you from the things that matter. Here I would like to state a quote of Prerna Gupta:

“I was drawn to entrepreneurship by the lure of freedom: control of my time, the ability to work on my own creations, no boss, and, of course, the potential for independent wealth. But the purpose of the money was never to buy fancy cars and houses, or to be richer than my peers. I viewed the money simply as a lifelong guarantee of these freedoms.”

But why would you want that freedom? You can then choose what to work on, such as the things that you are really passionate about and that you know that need to be changed in this world. If you needed to work for a corporation to make money, you would not have the time to change the things you know that matter, you are just working for someone else’s goals.

So should you be focused on making money? Yes, but be aware of why you need the money.

Most entrepreneurs start off with little to fund their business, so they have to booth strap everything from scratch, which is good. To really understand how business works, you need to at least once have it built one from bottom up, to have lived the risk, to have done all the thousands of steps and jobs required to create an enterprise, one methodical step after another. Otherwise you would just be another high-level manager with a good degree.

As you can imagine, the disadvantage of that avenue is that it takes much longer to build the product and it takes much longer to get traction.

When doing your second start-up you want to have made some money. You are now more capable, you know how business works and with money you can increase the impact of every hour spent a hundredfold. Money is an unquestionable measure of your capability and it can be used to impress powerful people who move in higher business circles. You can hire amazing people and use that money to accelerate your business growth. That makes is all much easier.

You would not need to waste your time, trying to get the product out for the least price possible and worry about where your next rent comes from. You could focus on the things that really matter, the things that energise you, like personally an ability to change the way things are.

When I look around and see young entrepreneurs disrupting massive corporations with zero resources, sometimes without even having enough money to eat, it gives me goose bumps. What would happen if they had $100,000 or $1 million, or $100 million?

With that in mind, we are already in the mists of a massive shift in the way this world works, where 20 years of experience matters less, where the power shifts from the experienced and stable to the young but capable. Degrees and MBA's don’t count as much, the only thing you need is the innate desire to make a difference.

Many corporate executives who started work 20 years ago say they can’t keep up with the incredible pace business is changing, but it is second nature to my generation and we are only interested in monumental disruption in the next few years.


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