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Blendable Reality: New Formats To Move Above And Beyond Social TV

If Content is king and data is queen, surely interaction and socialisation must be the other two members of the television royal family. The terms Social TV and Interactive TV however, barely do justice for the wild west of emerging TV. A disruptive space that is ready to be dived into deep with formats encompassing a more "Blendable Reality".

alternative tv realityI’m not yet making an interlude into anything even digital related, but expressing a truth that has been around for decades, way before the ‘Social TV’ phenomenon we know and love today.

We’ve always been driven to heighten our interaction with entertainment. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, He-man, Alf, anyone? (I was an 80’s child). We bought these toys of our favorite TV shows so that we could deepen our interaction. People used to talk about Seinfeld and Friends at work, and nowadays still talk about the latest episode of Glee, or game of thrones around the water cooler (and twitter). We’ve voted for our favorite idol via text, simply because we wanted to interact. While Nietzsche may have believed the world is a will to power, I think at the least, the world is a will to participate and television is certainly a ringing endorsement of this thought. Sure, we want a lean back experience, but often a lean back experience where we get to be involved.

This is my segue into the digital. Today’s versions of TV interaction and TV socialisation make participating not just something easy, but something that can be robust, seamless and endemic to the programming. A lot of the industry will use the term “Social TV” to describe modern day television socialisation, but  many others will state that the term is really quite redundant. TV is social. I prefer to think of most emerging TV formats as a differing term; “Blendable Reality.” A diverse array of methods to blend lean back television content, with our own personal realities encompassing multiple paths to engagement .

So rather than wax lyrically on the philosophical and make this another opinion piece, lets discuss what is possible and take two formats on how we can blend TV with reality in a participative fashion.

Choose your own ending/adventure:

For decades we have been able to  orchestrate television programming that broadcasts live and straight into the homes of audiences. With further tech enablement we can now allow those same audiences to reach back into the studio or set with their digital fingertips in real time. This format allows us to base elements of the show on real-time feedback.

While we often see some very mild and simple versions of voting and polling, imagine the potential of diverse programming formats that lets those same audiences vote to choose the best ending instantly.

-Vote to see which two politicians should go head to head on a question.
-Vote to see which game show contestant should be selected or dismissed.
-Which sports star do you want to see more clips of? Let the at-home audience decide.
-Which news story should we feature tonight?  Tweet us and let us know.
-Do you want to see X reality star take train 1 or train 2? Choose now and watch your results instantly.

This is true participatory television and it‘s easily orchestrated. Why settle for “reality TV” when we can shoot for “choose your own reality TV“?  Television where we have the will, the way and the technology to actually allow those at home to influence it in real time and participate live.

We can engineer the endings of programming based on audience choice and rather than base TV on assumptions. We can give the audience exactly what they want in unique ways and the above examples barely scratch the surface.

Television that Reaches out to the individual rather than the masses:

As discussed above, television has typically been a one to many format. This has worked well, but it can be even better. Why not allow television to reach out to both the masses as well as  home audiences on a one to one basis?  By reaching out to viewers in a personal way we can heighten viewer retention, interaction and loyalty.

-Text/tweet/FB/MMS now to enter a live contest.
- Can you beat this celebrity in a game of trivia?  We’ll pick your answer from our social audiences.
“The next 5 tweets we display live will win a chance to join our next show”.

We can pick specific individuals at home to play along live with linear TV. We can allow home audiences to add their own content. With interactive second screens we can even reward individuals for their participation. Be the first to send us an MMS of you holding a can of Coke (or other branded beverage) and we’ll fly you out to meet the cast. (Had to throw an Ad integration in there…it’s what I know)

We’ll go deeper into these formats some time, but the fact of the matter is that Social TV is already an old term. Creating new forms to enhances the current methodology however, is young, on the cusp and ready to be integrated.  Now.


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Zach Weiner Zach Weiner
Position: Director Of Global Marketing
Zach is currently the Director of Global Marketing for, a leader in social and participatory Television, as well as current president of the Connected TV Marketing Association. He has acted as a founder and incubator of several marketing and advertising consultancies that span the boundaries of the digital and television ecosystem Read Zach's full bio

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