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The Top10 HOTTEST startups run by Young & Poor Sydney entrepreneurs that are just about to go gangbusters!

Recently, I went through my mates' startups in my head and realised that almost all of them have only just recently launched their startups, already validated their model and are just on the verge of taking off big time. For that reason, in no particular order here is order a current compilation of their highly scalable & investworthy startups. Frankly, I would immediately invest in them :).


Possible opportunity missed, the first one of my TOP startups, Knocked App has gone gangbusters! No. 1 paid entertainment app in Australia, New Zealand and Belgium.

I'm predicting it to be 2 weeks for the next to go gangbusters. :)



1. MueslieForMe – Nathan Murphy

MueslieForMe lets you customise your own mueslie mix and get it delivered to your door once a month. Nathan Murphy, a 21y old young entrepreneur, is a rapid bootstrapper. Had the idea, raised some capital and launched the whole thing in less than 2 months! It has only been running for a couple of weeks now, but Nathan is already struggling with sending out deliveries due to his rapidly growing subscriber base.

 2. MarshallReport Sean Marshall

With his specialist knowledge of the Sydney startup-space, Australia’s most-connected young entrepreneur Sean Marshall is giving a monthly overview to investors of the current Aussie startup-landscape alongside recommendations for investment. For his launch, he had already 170 people signed up to his newsletter. He sent his first one out a few days ago and even created quite some buzz in the U.S. VC-scene.

 3. Knocked app – Angus Mullane + Kevin Lippy

Ok this one is quite hilarious. Angus came to the last Sydney startup weekend in May and just 1 minute before he wanted to pitch his idea about an app that morphs your belly into a sixpack, he was told that someone got investment for that idea just a couple of days ago. Oh bugger! Well, since he pitched anyway, he had to quickly find something else just as stupid.

So what he could come up with in 1 minute was: “Yeah I wanna make an app that makes your belly look as if you were pregnant.” Bad idea? Good idea! It was actually that good, so I decided to build a prototype in two hours and after our hilarious pitch, we won a $1,000 prize with Peter Cooper slamming on the table saying: “I’ll back it” . He put in another $5,000 and now KnockedApp is an app similar to fat booth with which you can impregnate your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents etc.

The app is still waiting to be approved by Apple and will probably win the award for being the longest time in review ever (over 1 month now). A reason for that may be that when animating the pregnancy test process, some wee drips off the pregnancy test. However, if one thing can go viral, then this can! Wanna get knocked app?

4.– Adam Haeger
Adam, originally from Norway and a passionate surfer himself was shocked by the fact that there is no real online surfing-community at all. So he figured, why not build the world’s first one. Now is a rapidly growing directory of thousands of surf spots around the world. It lets you discover new places to surf, record and rate the places you want to try and shows the surfers who have surfed the most. Surf’s up?

5. MMMule – Avis Mulhall
Mmmule lets you get ANYTHING you want from ANYWHERE in the world by rewarding a traveler with a local experience for delivering it. Whether a Sydney-sider bringing Vegemite to you in NYC or you bringing that fancy dress from Sydney to someone in Norway, upon delivery the recipient normally gives a tour of their city or you can even crash on their couch for the night.

Mmmule’s user base with 5,000 seems to be cute at first, but we all know it’s about user engagement and there are over 700 deliveries currently listed with almost 100 deliveries happening every month!


6. OneCanGrow - Gina May Diana
Gina always had the vision of bringing entrepreneurship to high school students. It only took her two months to get Sydney high schools on board and now OneCanGrow is educating around 40 students, not older than 16, about social enterprises as a career option. With OneCanGrow, Gina hopes to plant a seed of possibility, with the understanding that young people can achieve financial stability while still contributing to society and the global community in a beneficial way. The ideas the kids had are incredibly awesome and many of the team’s startups have already launched and even gained traction. There is no age limit to greatness!


7. Werdsmith – Nathan Tesler
There seems to be an online community for everything … Instagram for photographers, for designers or vimeo for filmmakers, but nobody seems to be doing something for the biggest commuity of all. Writers! Werdsmith is the world’s first app for writers only and especially for those who don’t want to be chained to a desk. Whether you’re on the train, at uni or you just had an idea while shopping, Werdsmith is there from that first spark of an idea to your final draft, helping you organize your writing, get feedback, set goals and track your progress along the way. 20y old Nathan’s app has already got 90,000 downloads and is growing by a 1,000 every week and that was all Nathan by himself. Now imagine giving this guy some money and a team…BOOM!


8. Rbutr - Shane Greenup
You know how every now and then you read an article,stipulating that global warming is a myth. Well with rbutr installed in your browser, you would automatically see all the 9 rebuttals to that article giving fact-based explanations why this is a dangerous statement to make, regardless of where they are on the web or who wrote them.

rbutr is a single click solution to access a dissenting voice on any issue. The crowd adds the rebuttals, and then the crowd votes on those rebuttals, pushing the best to the top. As any page can be rebutted, the rebuttals can be counter-rebutted, and we end up with an inter-website debate. A global discussion, which anyone can participate in.

Founder Shane is currently in Chile with StartupChile and has experienced strong support from the skeptic community. Every week, you can see rbutr featured in major publications such as The Australian, Skeptics Magazine, Inc. and Lifehacker. Their general consensus is that rbutr has the potential to revolutionise how information will flow through the internet and that it can be expected to blow up soon!


9. DealFlip - Paul Serra +  Ron Romero
Did you know that small businesses are often paying 50% commission to Groupon & LivingSocial? Well, now Dealflip flips the deals space over by giving the power back to the small businesses and charging the deal providers instead. Business owners simply fill in their details online with a potential deal they want to feature, within 24 hours they’ll have 3 competitive quotes sourced from a pool of daily deal providers such as Groupon, livingsocial etc. This gives business owners the best chance in securing favourable terms & prices and it’s completely free for them. Launching August 2012.


10. Cofounder speed date – Ryan Wardell
Originally out of desperation of finding a Cofounder for his previous startup, Ryan had the crazy idea to set up a “speed-dating” style networking event for people who are looking for a cofounder. After running a small-scale test event in December 2011 and getting some very positive feedback from attendees and members of the startup community, he dropped his previous startup to create a much bigger and better monthly version of the event. With the event, Ryan has already helped 8 startups to be formed by matching up their co-founders, but this is just the start…

 Hope you liked this Top10 list. If you have questions or feedback, leave a comment or just send me an email: malibluk[at]


Posted by Leighton Jenkins, 15 August 2012

I did some work earlier in the year with Nathan at Wordsmith through the Pushstart programme.

He's made some awesome progress since then. App looks great and cant wait to see the desktop version.

Posted by Mikie , 17 August 2012

Possible opportunity missed, Knocked App (the #3 in the list above) has gone gangbusters! Top paid app this week.


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