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Facebook Finally Excites with Possibility of Next Generation of Search

Zuckerberg's vision for Facebook search was announced at TechCrunch Disrupt event last week, boosting a poor share price but exciting people like me who are fascinated with the power of behavioural science driving the digital industry.

facebooks search From day dot, we have been relying on each other for recommendations, even in the day the phone was stuck plugged into a wall with a dial and we all played Pong V1, the TV game consisting of two sticks and a ball. We mix with people who are like us and who we share common interests with, Facebook hasn't changed this, it has just amplified it. 

But one of the most amazing facts is that while brands & marketers go crazy for the billions who flocked to Facebook, they ignore the granular aspect of what drives recommendation. The 1 to 100 bottom-up paradigm, as opposed to reach as many people as possible and hoping something will stick.

Anthropologists from Professor Dunbar with Dunbar’s number  (we can only maintain 150 meaningful relationships) to Professor Micheal Wesch who is well regarded for his insights and visions of students today is small example of the real micro eco-system of influence and it is smaller than many marketer can get their head around. There are no big numbers!

 What is truly exciting about Facebook re-engineering search is they have the data to allow us to tap into that small eco-system of influence in a highly dynamic and effective way. A manner that will drive influence and purchases, just as the Sushi example in the TechCrunch article suggests. I have included the full TechCrunch Disrupt interview below. Search comments pops up at 25:12 but watch the whole thing as its enlightening. He starts off with the memorable quote that facebook have '1 Billion queries a day, and we are basically not even trying'.

People like me, are, like people like me. Usually we are hanging around with people who are in the same life stage as us and who like doing the same thing. Checking out for example what restaurant your friends are going to or where they have been on holiday and what their “real” experience is, takes ratings and reviews and search to a whole new level.

Its seems Facebook may have found its gold, social and search hand in hand ....BUT how to turn that into revenue? Thoughts?



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