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Changing World of Video Analytics

There is a famous quote by Warren Buffet that says; "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get'. This is a perfectly apt expression for the evolving dynamics of the online video market for publishers trying to generate decent business margins, but more so for advertisers who are struggling with streams of data and how to apply the data to show accurate sales results.

measuring video views Marketers are struggling to find time, resource and technology to dig deeper into the effectiveness of their online activities, while also realising that understanding consumer behaviour is fundamental to moving their businesses forward. The key is for brand managers and agencies alike to find a better solution to understand not only small data but more importantly the big data issues which the majority of the market is unable to achieve as currently most video data analysis in our industry does not go beyond top level reporting of advertising results.

While it is sufficient for most advertisers to understand how to buy video advertising efficiently, the truly curious are now seeking to accelerate their understanding of their data for insights on potential consumer relationships so they can buy more effectively.

To a publisher, the value of knowing which viewers are, for example, engaging with pre-rolls before they’re viewing their sports content - or what time of day beauty content drives the highest pre-roll engagement - is valuable. This level of insight, while increasing performance for advertisers, also equips publishers with the ability to demand the most appropriate price for their inventory.

In an environment where audiences are increasingly fragmented and hard to reach through single channels, advertisers looking to take the next step and shift budget from TV to online should be prepared to cast their net across an aggregate of publishers. This creates the need to make more informed decisions on where and when to serve an ad to a viewer and leveraging those insights in real-time to gain the most effective campaign results.

Understanding what content, time of day, day of week – even the size of a video player - is driving engagement, or brand lift, are examples of insights that will become pervasive. Each campaign can and should then be optimised and evolved using real-time insights instead of relying on client, agency and publisher assumptions that are still commonplace across Asia Pacific.

The shift in attitude towards data and the increase in technological capabilities are gaining momentum and once the benefits are seen by all, the adoption rate will increase exponentially to the point where a majority of the market is delivering ads to relevant or effective viewers. It will still take time and a lot of effort from all parties to reach this critical point, but as we’ve seen with search and display, if the demand for it is there, the market will find a way to make it happen.


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Jarryd Christensen VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia) Jarryd Christensen
Company: VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia)
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