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Digital People - 2012 Roll Call

Welcome to the roll call where we offer an overview of all profiles appearing in 2012. This year we've moved on from measurement being the standard theme to data & programmatic buying. It's also been the year where I was thrilled to present the 100th Digital People profile. Thanks for your ongoing support...

Digital people Chris Erb - VP of Brand Marketing at EA Sports and keynote speaker at Ad:Tech 2012. Chris outlined his role & career journey & recognises the global size & growth potential of the 'active space' gaming industry.

Heather Albrecht - Digital Strategist and Trainer from Digital Connections. Heather offered many valuable insights into the changes & shifts society, business & our industry continues to experience through technology. She also highlights the importance of social media across all levels of business, not just through their marketing strategy.

Sam Granleese - Digital Strategist at Private Media – now with  Sam shares his career journey, starting in high school to working on key accounts at ZenithOptimedia. He offers valuable insights into our 'schizophrenic' industry & shares forecasts on digital broadcasting & more.

Peter Williams - CEO of Deloitte Digital Peter offered insights into his work with Delloites surrounding crowdsourcing, mobile, gamification and the challenges of accessing talent and keeping up with the pace of change. He also introduced yet another acronym 'clomosoda'.

Jon Ostler - Group General Manager - BeyondD (formally QLtd) Jon offered comprehensive views on the changes in our market, the continued potential surrounding ecommerce & virtual goods - & reminds us not to forget the stuff that works'. He also highlights the continued power of Google & Facebook.

Megan Brownlow - Executive Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers & creator of their annual Media & Entertainment Outlook Report. Each year Megan edits PwC's influential Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook Report & creates the Digital Media section. She is also actively involved in advising key clients in digital media & it is from here that she offered us this highly worthwhile market perspective.

James Simmons - Partner/Director - Match Media. James offered us insights into the fast changing digital media market & discusses some key challenges. He also highlighted - as he says - a somewhat 'dull' prediction regarding Google & Facebook & talks about the importance of developing agency talent.

Liam Brennan - Digital Director at Carat Global Media - UK (part of Aegis) - an Aussie perspective of the UK digital media market. We often hear of the differences our UK colleagues find in our market so I thought it would be interesting to get some views from an Aussie based in the UK digital media market. Liam offered one of the best profiles of the year.

Christian Bartens - Founder of data & analytics marketing company – Datalicious.  Digital is increasingly becoming a data led medium with analytics now informing all parts of the marketing process. Christian offered his insights into this key growth segment of our market.

Nic Hodges - Head of Innovation & Technology at MediaCom. Like several previous Digital People it seemed inevitable from an early age that Nic became involved in digital media now using his innate skills to be one of our industry's key innovators. Nic discussed his work on the recent USnapp cross media app as well as various views.

Benjamin Christie - Founder of the world's largest food focused ad network - Gourmet Ads. Unlike many previous profiles Benjamin Christie from Gourmet Ads has a relatively short background in our industry but has channelled his career as a chef to build the world's largest food focused ad network. Benjamin shared his story, highlighted RTB as his area to watch & also told us of the major difference between the US & Aust digital media market

Stephen Hunt - Managing Director - Asia-Pacific of TubeMogul. Stephen outlined his history with our industry & highlighted challenges & opportunities surrounding the fast growing programmatic/RTB 'revolution'.

Marc Barnett - General Manager of Mi9 & Microsoft Advertising Exchange. There's no doubt the past 12 months has seen parts of our industry transform to automated trading platforms & Marc highlighted various opportunities, challenges & forecasts surrounding this rapidly developing sector.

Martin Walsh - Director of Digital & Corporate Communications, Dept of Premier & Cabinet, NSW Government. Martin recently offered views on the level of digital strategy & skills in the Aust market & continued these thoughts here. He also clearly outlined a range of opportunities & challenges facing our market with several clear solutions.

The Digital People 100th - 11 of the most experienced people in digital media commented on their previous profile answers & current market. Sponsored by:  Adstream - streamlining advertising - Getting campaigns to market is hard work – validation & distribution of your Digital, Print and Broadcast ads is easy with Adstream. Find Out More Here

What Can We Do Better Right Now? - some of the best people in digital media offered their suggestions on how to improve our industry

See an overview of more than 100 Digital People profile articles here.

Thanks for your continued support and interest in Digital People – we’ll be back in 2013.  If you have any comments please feel free to get in touch - or phone: 0424 100325.  I welcome your feedback.


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