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Employing the right people

Over inflated salary brackets against little or no experience is making the industry enticing for outsiders, but not so exciting for employers? So who is going to help you grow your Digital business?

Making a real statement about who you are, what your business and brand stands for and the culture you want to nurture is increasingly essential to the company as a whole. In a time of relative economic stability and record unemployment it is easy to become complacent but it's even more essential that you recruit and retain real Talent. These are the people who will take your business to the next level and are the people who can do your job.

Remember in the good times, business is easier, jobs are coming in, and waste is harder to identify. However if you don't use this period to drive your business even harder others will and will gain an advantage. So when the good times slow, as they inevitably will, their strong crew which has been slowly gaining ground will pull away even faster.

So how do we find these people?

Question your current 'Talent' on what they have really done. How they have impacted the business they are currently on to date? What has been their contribution? Are they suited to other roles within the company? Getting internal assignments wrong is costly but sometimes easily rectified.

For external staffing its even more vital you get it right. When sourcing, it is the emotional intelligence you should focus on. Emotional Intelligence allows Talent to stand out, and these are the type of quality skills that are not quantifiable in a sentence on a resume. Are they entrepreneurial? Have they been a mentor? Could they run an unruly team? Will they take up your banner and carry it to market with intelligence, passion and ability? No longer are we looking at skill-sets against requirement-needs for positions. Look around the words on a resume, try and decipher what are the true skills of the candidate? What have they really done in each role they had, what are their key achievements.

In the current expanding digital market, it's a key competitive factor that you need to get right. The golden nuggets are out there, if you don't get them your competitors may, resulting in a double whammy you simply can't afford.


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