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Multiplatform TV and online improves ad recall by 41% over TV alone

Two years ago I started making a case for why the combination of TV and online make a message more persistent. Now both NBCU and IAB UK research show why, especially in a budget constrained market, advertisers and marketers would be nuts to buy one without the other. Curiously both claim over 40% lift (47% for IAB and 41% for NBCU) in advertiser brand recall.

multasking mediaNBCU recently released research about advertisers using both online and TV together during the 2008 Olympics coverage.

 "When we looked at advertisers who just advertised on the Olympics on TV alone, their brand recall was about 35% and message recall was like 27%," he said, citing engagement data from IAG Research, which worked with NBC Universal during the Games.

For those who advertised on and the Olympics on TV, their brand recall was 46%, which was a 31% lift, and their message recall was 38%, which was a 41% lift, he said.

NBC Universal Research President Alan Wurtzel thinks "The fact of the mater is that this cross-platform stuff really works, especially if it's done well," he said. TV advertisers who bought online as well "were going to get a better effect on their TV advertising."

Plus add to this the IAB's recent study "TV and Online - Better Together".

Key findings from the study include:

  • Using TV and online together results in 47% more positivity about a brand than using either in isolation
  • The likelihood of buying or using a product increases by more than 50% when TV and online are used together
  • 48% of the sample group watched broadcast TV while online, most days
  • Both TV and the internet are used for entertainment (TV, 80%; online 56%) and both have a significant influence on driving purchase (75% and 52%)
  • The findings reinforce the need to ensure creative synergy between TV and online advertising and identify best practice for better effectiveness, which requires more than simply putting TV ads online
  • Almost half of the sample watch TV and go online at the same time on a daily basis. This increases to 61% on a weekly basis. Going online is second only to eating for activities that people are doing whilst the TV is on.
  • Not surprisingly, researching/finding information (75%), and communication (66%) came out as the top two motivators for going online; and entertainment (80%) and relaxation (73%) came out as the top reasons for watching TV. However, interestingly, the internet is increasingly becoming a destination for entertainment and relaxation with 56% of people saying that they go online for these reasons. This is definitely something that we wouldn't have seen a few years ago when the boundaries between the two media were much more defined.
  • Two thirds of people have watched TV/film via the internet, primarily as a way to catch up with broadcast television. 53% claimed to have done this via broadcaster websites and 45% claimed to have watched this on You Tube. People having control over watching what they want when they want it is also important to consumers with 29% stating this as their reason.



Posted by stevemartyn stevemartyn, 29 October 2010

There are many examples internationally of campaigns that have successful 70-500 ly incorporated the use of Barcodes including recent examples in the UK with Fox incorporating them on billboards in a majo
70-501r over-the-line campaign with 28 Weeks Later and The Sun newspapers creating an 8 page sponsored lift-out with brands such as Asahi, Ladbrokes and Fox. In San-Francisco restaurants in partnershi 70-455 p with City Search have placed codes in their window linking to reviews. In France the mobile operators have banded together to create a unanimous standard and have now put out RFIP’s for code vendor solutions. Axel Springer the German equivalent of News Corp has been using QR codes in Welt Kompakt, their version of MX since November 2007.70-454


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