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Welcome to Digital People where we produce a regular profile of great people in our local industry. This time is Tiphereth Gloria, Social Media Manager at Amnesia, regular blogger at Digital Tip and programming director with the Sydney Social Media Club. Recent comScore figures stated 9 million Australians had visited some form of social media - Facebook attracted 6 million Aussie visitors alone and recently reached 300 million worldwide. These amazing numbers, and the recognition consumers increasingly use these networks for advice on products and services, means advertisers of all sizes, need to be considering their social media presence as part of their marketing strategy. Tip gives us some great insights, includiing an interesting view on crowd sourcing and its influence on the development of future products and services (see Q5). She also offers a clear understanding of social media's place in broader digital advertising channels - really helped define this space for me (see Question 8). The common theme of measurement and accountability is also raised as being key to our continued evolution.

Tiphereth GloriaTip is clearly an involved and passionate advocate - she herself makes reference to the feeling of being 'pulled back' into social media after other successful business interests could have taken her away.  She brings her multi-level skills and experience to our industry and gets involved through her role with the Sydney Social Media Club - apparently the largest chapter worldwide.  If you are interested in attending their next event, which runs at the end of each month (quite a night out from what I read on twitter) you will see a link for further information at the end of her profile - as well as a link to Tip's blog.

Name: Tiphereth Gloria

Works: Amnesia Razorfish, Sydney

Job Title: Social Media Manager

1.     How, where and when did the digital industry find you?

1995 I started working in "multimedia", after a few years working as a field producer in television including SBS-TV. Afer freelancing for a while, I set up a mulitmedia/digital design firm, with my partner (now husband).  We started designing and building websites as soon as the internet took off, kept producing video, and designing for a range of national and international clients. 10 years later we stopped doing digital and started a fabric and wallpaper and design business Afficionados of the Nod, which my husband now runs. I couldn't keep away - I found myself back in the digital industry in 2006, working for other companies, as a digital communications consultant, and then digital executive producer.

2.    What is your current role and what do you actually do?

I am now the Social Media Manager at Amnesia Razorfish Sydney. I do strategy and implementation for social influence marketing. I develop social media marketing long term brand strategies and also short term campaigns. Because of my producing background, I take a project management approach to social implementation and also with my writing/content development background, (I have a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Film & TV) I produce the video content .

I also am programming director for Social Media Club Sydney which is the local chapter of the global Social Media Club. Our events focus on key social media issues, getting high quality speakers and are in a casual, pub atmosphere. Our events are on every 4-6 weeks and since our first event in April, we've become the largest SMC chapter in the world.

3.    If you could have any job, what would it be (can be in and/or outside the industry)?

I could happily write my blog and just get paid to do it! I really enjoy my role as Social Media Manager because it keeps me focused on delivering real-life social campaigns for clients. There is something very satisfying seeing the transformation of a brand into a social brand.

4.   Can you give us some information about your business, what services do you provide and your forward plans?

Amnesia Razorfish is a full service digital agency, covering strategy, design, production, media and social media. The social media services we provide cover strategy (social brand strategy, channel strategy, content strategy), social implementation (content development and production, managing content providers, publishing schedules), and also hybrid media/social media campaigns. We also do social media monitoring, reporting and recommendations, influencer identification, crisis management, digital PR and social outreach. In terms of digital production, there's not much that Amnesia Razorfish hasn't created & built, overall there's a big push to make creative ideas more social, website functionality more social, digital strategies more social, and also to display and aggregate key influencers.

The social offering is integrated across strategy, media, creative and production, which means that more and more of Amnesia Razorfish work is completely integrated across the entire digital social space. It is already permeating the entire business, so this will continue to develop. For the social team, we are growing the team and widening  and deepening the focus of what we do.

5.   Take a punt on the 'next big thing' in digital?

Ubiquitous computers and smart device interactivity. Household devices that interact with you or each other, your fridge could Twitter you to "tell" you to buy milk. Or when you're watching a cooking show, your TV and DVR could "know" what's in your fridge and let you know you have the right ingredients to cook that recipe you're watching.

The other one is social or "crowd sourced" products. This will be the end result of social - the era of social commerce where brands will ask the market what it wants and build it, test it and service it socially.

6.    How do you see the digital media industry in the next 5 years? (any forecasts and       challenges)

Accountability is a big one. The GFC has shaken things up, and now clients want even more accountability for every dollar they're spending. With so much of digital being measurable, there will need to be a re-examination of what have been industry standards since the inception of the internet. A lot has changed with the evolution of online interactivity, yet we're still measuring click through rates on banners. We need global standards for measurement, and also define what we are measuring in social media, where engagement can mean so many different things.

"Smart search" and aggregation are going to become increasingly important. 

7.     How do you see other media evolving in the next 5 years?

The iPhone has seismically shifted the way people are online, connected and on the move, particularly with being social content creators and being able to record and upload wherever they are. Mobile computing is going to continue to gain momentum, touch screen/tablet computers will start changing people's relationship with work/play/content.

Content will continue to be the currency of the social web, and news publishers will need to become digital and social to survive.

8.     Can you give us some good examples of successful monetisation of social media?

There are two key aspects to social: the platforms/software/networks, and then the social interactions taking place. Monetisation is most often associated with the social platforms and usually takes place after the initial build of the platform, for example Facebook is going to make money from advertising to the hundreds of millions of members it built up over time. Most people now associate the term social media with the interactions, which is where social media marketing or social brand campaigns happen.

Social media as a whole is not about monetisation. Its not about converting people to sales or acquisitions. Social media is a fundamental shift in the way people interact with brands, products and services. Its moving brands into a two way conversation versus a one way traditional marketing push message. There are a range of halo effects of social media, from search engine optimisation, to brand advocacy, but its not about making money directly from social interactions.

Social media also about the way people interact with each other - the desire to be connected and part of bigger networks, and also making public and visible what was once private.

9.   What does the digital media industry need to do right now to better position itself in the broader media landscape?

I would say the opposite: what can the broader media landscape do to position itself better to become more aligned to digital?

The old media media channel plan of TV, outdoor, print and then "matching baggage" digital display advertising is so tired and lame. Yes a TVC can look glamourous, do great creative, build awareness - but where do people go to research and find products? Online. Yet digital is still being put last with the least investment against it. This model will soon be inverted to digital first - whether destination (website) or distributed (social web) and then the other offline channels will be chosen for relevant demographics and psychographics to support the drive to push customers to digital, where brands can engage on a deeper and more interactive level. I think digital outdoor is also going to be a big growth area.

10.   Where do you get your industry information from?

The best minds and strategists in social media are social and open with their information and findings. I follow their blogs, Twitter accounts and read what everyone is saying online. There is a wealth of "free" information online. The trends and patterns of influence are most clear across blogs and Twitter.

11.  What industry groups or networks are you a part of?

Social is the ultimate network, because you spend most of your time online, and in one social channel or another! Work and personal life blur into one continuum. I have no affiliation with any "formal" groups, but my commitment to Social Media Club Sydney means that I'm part of every event. Plus, there are a lot of "casual" social media gatherings, such as the Single Origin Coffee Mornings and #SHTBOX

To see Tip's Blog please go to - Digital Tip

Thank you - please forward any queries or comments to me - or phone:  0424 100325 - and don't forget to check out my new business launching in November - MediaScope  Cheers - Denise


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