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Connecting audiences with brands


Understanding who is going to be most receptive to your product or service is a challenge that has confronted advertisers since time immemorial. Today thanks to our unique platform we are able to build that understanding through advanced profiling techniques. We use multiple interest triggers to develop profiles in real-time to provide greater knowledge to marketers and media companies through precise audience segmentation. This leads to improved performance and more efficient campaign buys as we eliminate the inevitable wastage of demographically defined markets.

We qualify our audiences through analysis of different data points in real time allowing us to create profiles for over 1,000 separate interest categories which means as an advertiser you are able to target the right consumer at the right time.


VIM’s technology allows publishers to build profiles of users visiting their sites enabling them to gain valuable insights into the behavioural characteristics of their audience. By understanding who your audience is you are able to create customised content delivering a relevant personal experience for them. This will lead to increased dwell time on your site as users find the environment more engaging in a form that delivers content based upon their known interests. Our comprehensive data reporting will tell you the behavioural characteristics of the people coming to your site and which pages and sections they visit.

With this additional data you will be able to sell targeted audiences to advertisers as opposed to simply your contextual environment. This will provide you with a competitive advantage allowing you to extend your most valuable inventory by delivering ads to users who have visited sold out pages. It is possible to segment your audience and create premium inventory. Our platform provides you with the tools to create more value out of your audience by focusing on the person and not the placement.

If you are a single site publisher or a network that represents multiple sites across many different verticals then we’d be happy to discuss our capabilities and demonstrate how we can help drive your business forward.

Click here to contact one of the friendly members of our team to learn more about how we can help you.


Advertising is a fundamental feature of the internet and vital to its very survival. The huge range and choice of sites available would simply not be there if it were not for the advertising that funds them. Unless the distribution model of the internet is fundamentally changed to one where content is predominately paid for advertising will continue to be the life blood that web site owners large and small need to sustain their business.

Understanding that the internet needs advertising then as a consumer if you are going to see advertising it’s going to be better to have ads that are relevant based upon your known interests. Brands use advertising to find people who are interested in their products. By being able to identify their most relevant customers they can offer better incentives since they know they are talking to people who are interested in what they have to offer. In this way we take the view that we can build a stronger correlation between the relevance of advertising for the consumer and the brand, creating a win-win situation for both.

Enjoying the benefit of this value exchange doesn’t mean that you have to compromise any of your personal information. Privacy is something we take very seriously at Valued Interactive Media and we do not collect any personally identifiable information unless you give us your express consent to do so. We are simply interested in mapping interests to market segments in order that we can match your interests to the brands who’d like to talk to you.

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