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Full-service global publication relations agency with specialists in digital PR as well as in a range of other areas.

From making every day products exceptional, to reacting quickly to a specific product need, from traditional solid media relations to harnessing emerging channels to deliver the message, we have the team and experience to deliver above and beyond the norm.

Analyst Relations
We understand that analyst relations is about building relationships with analysts to foster better connections with customers, investors and partners. It is about two-way dialogue, message testing of customer, investor and partner behavior and building trust between corporate executives and analysts.

Crisis & Issues Management
Hill & Knowlton advises clients on how best to navigate serious or complex issues while keeping their reputations intact, working closely to ensure that a client's first response to a crisis is appropriate. How a company behaves in the first hours of a crisis can determine whether it sustains or avoids major damage to its reputation.

Financial Communication
In dynamic capital markets, Hill & Knowlton helps companies enhance shareholder value by effectively managing their relationships with the investment community and the financial media - providing consistent, accurate information and when appropriate, access to company management.

Public Affairs and Government Relations
We understand the structures and dynamics underpinning public policy-making and we can advise on current issues, help identify future opportunities or areas of possible concern and offer guidance on how to respond.

Change and Internal Communication
We believe there is no secret formula to meeting employee needs and driving business results. Doing so requires understanding the power and importance of employees.

Media Relations
We believe media relations is grounded in solid, compelling and resonant messaging and that stories and coverage should tie back to achieving relevant objectives for our clients.

Online Content
Hill & Knowlton also focuses on harnessing the power of online conversations and content to shape and deliver brand messages, personality and point-of-view with relevant stakeholders and audiences.

Sports Marketing & Sponsorship
Our team knows that clients need to make their sponsorship dollars work harder to make an impact in what is fast becoming the most popular form of sponsorship available to the advertising market.

Hill & Knowlton understands technology as a driver and enabler of the global economy, a critical component of capital markets, and as a consumer powerhouse.

Youth Marketing
Hill & Knowlton Youth Marketing specialises in providing integrated marketing solutions leveraging the pillars of youth culture.

Corporate Communication
Our skill is in identifying key issues and trends, defining corporate positioning and deploying the right communications channels to reach multiple stakeholders.

Digital & Online
Hill & Knowlton's digital practice integrates the best of online and interactive technologies with traditional public relations, public affairs and marketing communications to deliver high impact communications programs with measurable results.

Food & Nutrition
We believe credible and effective communication, driven by insights, engages consumers and delivers bottom-line benefits in the food industry. Our ability lies in transforming nutrition messages from rational, scientific advice into compelling, meaningful conversations.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
At Hill & Knowlton, our healthcare team is highly regarded in our ability to make science, data and information compelling to our clients' key stakeholders. We do this through identification of the core insight that shifts the paradigm, drives uptake and understanding, and engages professionals and consumers alike in an insightful, meaningful and quite often different way.

Marketing Communication
It's difficult for marketers to get cut through these days. The consumer seems ever more elusive, ever more savvy, and much more difficult and expensive to reach through "normal channels." Our job is to shift the needle, whether that be to launch a new product, drive sales or increase market share.

Media Training & Executive Coaching
We provide clients with first-hand practical insights into how the media operates and how to identify and deliver memorable and relevant messaging. We offer best-in-class media training to CEOs, executive leaders and other spokespersons to help them refine delivery of key messages.

Strategic Services
At Hill & Knowlton, we attain business intelligence and deeper audience understanding through the use of primary research, secondary research and specialised resources. H&K's strategic services department employs a number of resources to understand and track audiences, and to assess the client's business and competitive landscape.

Travel & Tourism
Telling the right story in the right way to connect with a desired audience is part art and part science. The right story can have travellers deciding where they want to go and for how long before they even consider the price tag.



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NSW Public Sector Grades 9-10 High Performance and Leadership Workshop NSW Public Sector Grades 9-10 High Performance and Leadership Workshop

Develop and refine core skills and key leadership capability to achieve success and excel in NSW Grade 9-10 level roles and beyond.

WA Public Sector Level 7-8 High Performance & Leadership Workshop WA Public Sector Level 7-8 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

Develop and refine core skills and key leadership capability to achieve success and excel in Western Australian 7 - 8 level roles and beyond.

Executive Assistant Development Intensive Executive Assistant Development Intensive

Adding value and enhancing your personal and professional effectiveness as an Executive Assistant.

The Women in Project Management Leadership Summit 2018 The Women in Project Management Leadership Summit 2018

Practical advice and strategies to guide female leaders for career advancement in the project management space.

Public Sector Workforce Analytics Workshop Public Sector Workforce Analytics Workshop

Emerging tools and frameworks to enable best practice workforce analytics and planning for HR Professionals.

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