Doing Data the Netflix Way

Doing Data the Netflix Way

LOCATION608 Harris Street
Ultimo NSW 2007

TIME8:00am - 10:00am
CONTACTAmber Dermoudy

Netflix is famous for being a data-driven organisation and as such their approach to marketing is heavily reliant on innovative data strategies. In this keynote presentation, you will gain insights into how data engineering supports marketing outcomes at Netflix, allowing them to be more effective and efficient and have a greater understanding of their customers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend an intimate event with Satya Kunapuli from Netflix who is visiting Australia from America exclusively for Interactive Minds. You’ll have a chance to gain insights and ideas from Netflix’s own data process, plus get your questions answered in an extended Q&A with Satya Kunapuli.

This Interactive Minds event will involve a 40-minute keynote presentation together with extended Q&A time.

Key takeaways

  • Three key ways that data is enabling meaningful marketing outcomes
  • Innovative ways data can measure performance and engagement
  • How to use testing to achieve meaningful outcomes
  • Machine learning models
  • Special Q&A after presentation

Satya Kunapuli, Data Engineering and Analytics, Netflix

Satya leads paid media marketing analytics at Netflix. His team of data engineers and analysts are responsible for large-scale data processing to power machine learning algorithms, enable marketing experimentation and provide actionable insights for effective campaign planning and optimisation. He has over 20 years of analytics experience across different verticals and subject areas at companies like Disney, Yahoo!, Intuit and Silicon Valley startups.



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