Phil Duffield

WEB  Some say that the catalyst was the GFC, others point to the nation's obsession with cooking shows, whichever it is, we can't ignore the fact that rising numbers of Australians have been staying in and are increasingly entertaining at home. This has paid off handsomely for the grocery sector that has seen 1.3 per cent growth for groceries and 2.6 per cent growth in household goods (according to The Australian Retailers Association/ARA).
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Phil Duffield

WEB  Tween girls are an extremely confident, switched on, highly connected group of young females with significant purchasing power. 'Tween' girls were born into a world immersed in technology and are online for several hours a day; chatting to friends and maintaining most of their 'friendships' via social networking sites online and via their mobiles (50% of them have one). The tween dollar is massively powerful, but how do marketers persuade this fickle group that their brand is hot?
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Phil Duffield

WEB  I'm often asked which digital marketing intelligence service is better, Comscore or Nielsen, because everyone involved in digital wants to find out where, when and how the heavy clickers hang out online. But how do we know if we can trust the data from the various different intelligence providers to be accurate anyway?
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Phil Duffield

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  If I was an advertiser I wouldn't be happy just allocating all my budget with the top five online publishers - Fairfax Digital, News Digital Media, ninemsn,Yahoo!7 and Sensis. I'd want my brand to also be appearing on premium niche websites that target specific and relevant audiences. So I'm considering out loud - I wonder what will it take to end the big five online publisher's dominance in the Australian market?
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Phil Duffield

WEB  Rupert Murdoch announced recently that News Corp will start charging for its newspaper content soon. Barry Diller, CEO of InterActiveCorp agrees, he said that he believes the internet is passing from its free days to a paid system. So are the web's free days over? And will the online advertising model fail if the web does move more to a subscription model?
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Phil Duffield

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  • At just 33 Phil Duffield has achieved great success. He has moved up the career ladder at global digital group, AD2ONE, from sales manager when the company launched here in 2004, to his current position of Managing Director.

    Phil has been at the helm of this highly regarded company providing exclusive online advertising access to premium vertical brands since April 2008.

    Since he was appointed Managing Director, Phil has been responsible for growing AD2ONE'S Australian staff numbers from seven to twelve, relocating the Sydney office to York Street and opening both a Melbourne and a Singapore office as well as winning significant premium brands off the firm's well known industry competitors.

    Phil helped launch the Sydney operation in 2004 and then spent two years at News Digital Media as a Group Sales Manager, returning to AD2ONE in 2008 as Managing Director.

    AD2ONE offers fully integrated advertising solutions across a 100 per cent exclusive portfolio of premium brands.

    AD2ONE's relentless focus on achieving business objectives for advertisers and publishers alike is what has driven the company to achieve growth at a level way beyond the rest of the market. Phil's focus, drive, passion and experience have enabled AD2ONE to become the success that it is today in the Australian digital market.

    Phil has recently become President of IASH Australia, which has replaced IANA as an industry group and is tasked with regulating the online advertising networks in Australia.

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