Cara Pring

SOCIAL MEDIA  We've all heard loads about all the recent and upcoming changes to Facebook - the new Timeline profile layout, the Ticker, the Open Graph app functionality etc. But what does this mean for Pages? Zuckers has been pretty quiet on this matter, and there's some mixed opinions out there. So is it good for us Page admins, or bad? Will it decrease post impressions, or help with our engagement? It's certainly not an easy question to answer, but here's the closest I could come to a conclusion.
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Cara Pring

SOCIAL MEDIA  The practice of deleting negative comments from Facebook and other social media channels has been considered social sacrilege for a long time now. The notion that all thoughts, opinions and feedback should remain on your page for the world to see forever after, regardless of their truth or motive, has been drilled into every social media specialist the world around. Recently, however, my unwavering dedication to this principle has been challenged. I have started to believe that some negative comments deserve to be deleted, and not just the ones with foul language or offensive sentiment. So when is it OK to delete negative comments and even ban their authors? Here is my opinion.
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Cara Pring

SOCIAL MEDIA  Most businesses recognise the need to be involved in social media by now. The problem is they are not quite sure where it should sit within their organisation. So many areas have a stake in this space - marketing, corporate communications, digital/online, customer service, IT... the list goes on. Everybody wants to drive the social strategy, so how do you decide who ultimately gets the honour? It's not always an easy decision to make, but here are some guidelines that should help.
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Cara Pring

SOCIAL MEDIA  The arguments in favour of Facebook advertising are growing as more and more companies get on board. The decision to start your first campaign may be a no-brainer, but actually putting together your ads to get the most effective results isn't always so easy. Luckily Zuckers has provided us with a variety of ad formats to choose from, but the first decision you need to make is whether you want to drive people out of Facebook to your website or get them engaging with your brand within the channel. Sales-centric organisations often choose to send people off to their website without so much as a second thought, but they may be missing out on some of the greatest benefits of Facebook advertising - free, viral promotion.
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Cara Pring

SOCIAL MEDIA  There is no question that Australia is lagging behind other countries (most notably America) in the social media game. No longer can we be content with just setting up a facebook page and hoping for the best. We can't expect massive sales from tweeting to our customers in an ad hoc fashion. Social media has handed us one of the biggest opportunities to really connect with our customers and prospects - ever - and for the most part we seem to be missing it. We need to get out there and try new things, even if it means missing the mark on the odd occasion. Forget TV, print, radio or typical online advertising - we need to put some serious money towards social and start making the trends rather than following them. So why then, are we still so slow to jump on the social media bandwagon?
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    I've been fortunate enough to gain experience in marketing, media, events and social media strategy across a diverse range of industries - government, corporate events, club industry, private health insurance and the airline industry. I started out looking after the entire marketing, media and communications strategy for SMBs but over the past couple of years have focused almost entirely on the social media strategy for corporates, with some SMB social consulting on the side.

    I love writing, and aside from contributing to Digital Ministry, I write my own social media blog, am starting a travel blog and in the process of writing a book. Probably aiming a little high with all of that, but I try my best. I also love cats, food, the gym, clothes and sunny days, so I guess that makes me a walking cliche. What can you do?

    Oh and one last thing - all opinions are my own, and often highly controversial. Deal with it.

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