Andrew  Burke

INDUSTRY TALK  Its the start of 2013 and I have been predicting 'the end of TV as we know it' for the last 10 years, ever since I started working on creating BT Vision in the early 2000's. I believed then that the convergence of broadcast television with broadband-enabled interactivity had to change the way we experience television...
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Andrew  Burke

TECHNOLOGY  Happy New Year. As 2012 starts to get into the swing on things and CES is upon us once again, I am looking forward to what will hopefully be a definitive year for IP and TV. First however, a quick review on how I did with my 2011 predications;
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Andrew  Burke

TECHNOLOGY  Imagine the scene, you are in the Garden of Eden-net, being tempted by the Search Serpent to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in exchange for great wisdom. Do you side with the serpent, become all knowing but be condemned to a lifetime of servitude or stay pure and battle through using only your own knowledge and capabilities? Such is the biblical dilemma facing Motorolas customers
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Andrew  Burke

TECHNOLOGY  So here is a challenge. Imagine you are entering into a lift and a fellow traveller strikes up a conversation as you ascend skyward. 'What do you do'? he asks, 'I am in OTT' you proudly respond. 'What is OTT?' he probes. So now you have six floors to go, about 30 seconds of talk time left and your professional reputation to defend. What do you say?
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  • I am currently Chairman of Crisp Thinking, Non-Executive Director of StaffShare Ltd and a partner at Snowy Road Ventures. Previously, I was CEO of Amino Technologies plc after being a non-exec director at Amino and Rawflow. Before that I was CEO BT Entertainment where I devised and ran the company s TV-over-Broadband initiative (BT Vision), chaired their Premium Rate Services activity, pioneered their Digital Media Services and led BT s relationships with the media world. Prior to that I was Director Online Services and was responsible for all value-added services developed to complement Broadband in the UK including VoIP, security and payment services. Before joining BT, I was founder & CEO of eVerger, an eMarketing focussed venture fund created in April 2000 by Aegis Group, a leading communications and marketing consultancy, and Warburg Pincus, the global private equity partnership, which together committed $100m to the venture. Before that, I was COO of eVentures, the Internet incubator owned by News Corporation and Softbank. I was the founder and CEO of LineOne, the Internet service provider now known as Tiscali UK, and established News International s initial Internet presence back in 1994.

    Telecommunications, media, technology, set-top box, IPTV, OTT, online video, Internet, consumer marketing, mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, company refreshes, chairman, non-exec, mentoring, consulting

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