Sarah Doody

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  I love to shop. For me, the best part about shopping is the hunt. I love that feeling when you find something that you know is just p-e-r-f-e-c-t. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to wander boutiques in new cities, finding treasures, and chatting with the owners.
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Sarah Doody

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  What is micro-feedback? More importantly, why does it matter to your user experience? Well, to understand micro-feedback, you first have to know a little bit more about user experience and how experiences are measured.
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Sarah Doody

WEB  If I were working at a start up right now, I would take a little time out and have my entire team watch this talk that Dan McKinley (@mcfunley) the Principal Engineer at Etsy gave about continuous experimentation. It reinforces a key lesson that is so simple, but so easily forgotten.
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Sarah Doody

INDUSTRY TALK  Constant connectivity. It's a luxury that our culture is the first to have, yet our understanding of its impact is still so young. I've been thinking a lot about our tethered minds. Yes, we have access to more information than any society ever before. Yet, is our ability to consume that information declining? I'd argue that it is.
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Sarah Doody

PEOPLE  To start off 2013, I thought this video provided two very great lessons to keep in mind throughout the year. Too often, we let our results driven world influence us to give up when things dont go how we envisioned, when things take longer than we thought, when plans dont go our way.
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Sarah Doody

Sarah Doody
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  • I am a user experience designer and digital strategist who specialises in product and brand development. I am passionate about working with early stage start ups - turning their vision into engaging customer experiences.

    Over the last 10 years, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, successful start-ups, and non-profits to help them create unique brand identities and engaging experiences.

    I am currently studying the idea of what she calls Personal Metrics understanding how measured feedback can equip people with information that causes them to change their lifestyle and behavior.

    I enjoy advising starts ups on experience, design, and platform development. She also loves running, skiing, fashion, and trying out new healthy recipes.

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