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WEB  We like what we know other people like. Increasingly as consumers we relate to brands through each other. This explains the power of user ratings and "e-pinion" sites. So we are becoming a "confetti economy", a million little specks of influence. We are our brothers' keeper and now...judge. We are reference points, as well as peers. Edelman PR research clearly quantifies how we trust each other increasingly more than our leaders who are our traditional sources of influence. Why? Well perhaps we are overwhelmed by brands and ideas who are competing for our stretched and limited attention. All this noise confuses....challenging our capacity to discover and draw conclusions. So we will tend to like what we know other people like and have already declared to be good. Social media provides the means to connect constantly to each other and as social beings, we do so enthusiastically. We discussed these ideas at Ross Dawson's "Future of Influence" conference this week. My thanks to Stilgherrian from Crikey who wrote the following article and kindly saw fit to include my thoughts.
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Tony Surtees

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  You can tell when someone is mad at you, can't you? Try having that same conversation blindfolded with no intonation of voice to help you out. Body language is responsible for transmitting the emotion, context and meaning of conversations. But what happens when you're in a conversation with thousands or millions of people? Computers help make sense when crunching numbers, but they crunch feelings too! The web is our largest catalogue of intention. Social media is a real-time barometer of community sentiment. Advertisers recognise that their brands need to have "persistent presence" across everywhere their target markets are and the influence that networked individuals have over their peers and followers is immense. In this article adapted from the New York Times we examine how sentiment measurement is becoming increasingly effective as part marketing and corporate intelligence and as part of an ongoing community conversation.
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Tony Surtees

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  More evidence to show that TV and Internet are the "word of Web" media, where consumers exercise their freedom and choice of media to support those brands that reach them across both in combined and integrated campaigns. Cross platform advertising using TV and online together is more than synergistic, they are essential partners in reaching audiences who have more money and exercise greater discretion in buying power. They are also more likely to either be or become "alpha" users in Social Media and more influential as opinion leaders amongst their cohort. With acknowldgement to Netimperative of the UK, here are the details of the research;
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Tony Surtees

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Some months ago I wrote that "a recession unleashes pent up energy and creative, reorganising forces." Actually there is a chance - the first for many years, for a bit of a marketing meritocracy to emerge.
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Tony Surtees

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Two years ago I started making a case for why the combination of TV and online make a message more persistent. Now both NBCU and IAB UK research show why, especially in a budget constrained market, advertisers and marketers would be nuts to buy one without the other. Curiously both claim over 40% lift (47% for IAB and 41% for NBCU) in advertiser brand recall.
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