Denise Shrivell

PEOPLE  Welcome to the roll call where we offer an overview of all profiles appearing in 2012. This year we've moved on from measurement being the standard theme to data & programmatic buying. It's also been the year where I was thrilled to present the 100th Digital People profile. Thanks for your ongoing support...
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Denise Shrivell

PEOPLE  Welcome to Digital People where I'm pleased to present Martin Walsh, Director of Digital & Corp Communications with NSW Govt. Martin recently offered views on the level of digital strategy & skills in the Aust market & continues these thoughts here. He also clearly outlines a range opportunities & challenges facing our market with several clear solutions. A comprehensive & highly worthwhile read
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Denise Shrivell

PEOPLE  Welcome again to Digital People where we feature Mi9's Marc Barnett - GM of the Microsoft Media Network & Advertising Exchange. There's no doubt the past 12 months has seen parts of our industry transform to automated trading platforms & Marc highlights various opportunities, challenges & forecasts surrounding this rapidly developing sector. A worthwhile read with a glimpse into our future...
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Denise Shrivell

PEOPLE  Welcome to Digital People where this time I'm pleased to present Stephen Hunt, Managing Director - Asia-Pacific at video advertising business - TubeMogul. Stephen outlines his history with our industry & highlights challenges & opportunities surrounding the fast growing programmatic/RTB 'revolution'. A comprehensive & informative read where Stephen's passion for our industry jumps off the page....
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Denise Shrivell

PEOPLE  Welcome to the 101st Digital People profile. Unlike many previous profiles Benjamin Christie from Gourmet Ads has a relatively short background in our industry but has channelled his career as a chef to build the world's largest food focused ad network. Benjamin shares his story, highlights RTB as his area to watch & also tells us of the major difference between the US & Aust digital media market
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Denise Shrivell

Denise Shrivell
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  • Founder of MediaScope - Australia's most up-to-date & evolving directory resource connecting agencies & marketers to more than 3,000 niche, alternative & emerging media options.

    Also offers growing a range of tailored services, resources, articles, guides, profiles and a regular newsletter for agencies, marketers, media owners & advertising sales professionals.

    Denise is well known and has been actively involved in the industry for over 25 years starting in agency media departments and then moving to senior sales roles for major magazine and newspaper publishers such as News and Fairfax. She was one of the first people in the Australian market to sell online advertising.

    In 2000, Denise joined start-up website Essential Baby (EB), initiating and developing their ongoing commercial and advertising strategies. EB grew into one of the largest online womens communities in Australia and was purchased by Fairfax Digital in 2007.

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