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Stomach bugs and beer don't mix.

But taking the night off and still receiving a pay packet don't mix either.

I don't think I ever missed a night in all the years I DJed both in the UK and Australia. At certain periods I was DJing up to three nights a week and holding down a full time job, so there was very little time to be sick. DJing can be a rain, hail or shine type gig, particularly when you've carved out that niche for yourself.

Social media is no different. Blogging requires constant attention, otherwise the audience will drift away. Quite often, I have to force myself to produce a couple more entertaining and researched posts even though I don't feel particularly inspired, awake or even well.

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Jonathan Crossfield

SOCIAL MEDIA  Social media and the web in general is full of debate over pay walls, charges and monetisation strategies. How do we continue to acquire and grow our communities while equally maximising any potential income? This is not a new problem. I first found myself in the middle of such a dilemma back in my nightclub days and it has coloured my opinion on charging for content ever since.
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Jonathan Crossfield


It wouldn't be entirely original to liken social networks to nightclubs but the comparison is a highly legitimate one. They operate in extremely similar ways with very similar dynamics and rules. There are the regulars hogging the dancefloor, a moderator (or DJ) keeping everyone happy, cliques, gossip, alcohol-fueled mishaps (don't type with whiskey, trust me) and many other important similarities.
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Jonathan Crossfield

SOCIAL MEDIA  One thing is for certain...; the ants will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. Id like to remind them that as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others totoil in their underground sugar caves. Yes, the ants will take over the world. But something tells me Kent Brockman and I have different definitions of the kind of ant that will lead this revolution. Yes, the ants will take over the world. But something tells me Kent Brockman and I have different definitions of the kind of ant that will lead this revolution.
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Jonathan Crossfield

SOCIAL MEDIA  borg.jpg

I love it when popular culture memes slide over into the general lexicon. One such word that seems to be making the transition from fiction to fact is 'borg'. Just recently, I've come across the word a couple of times - not in reference to the Star Trek villains, but as a descriptive word aimed at large companies. Scott Heiferman, founder of Meetup, is quoted by Jeff Jarvis in his new book What Would Google Do?, talking about the insurance industry, where he refers to "the corporate borg (AIG)" and "the government borg (social security)".

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  • The name's Crossfield. Jonathan Crossfield. Known widely online as Kimota! Content marketer, digital communications strategist and ruthless word wrangler. Some folk say I rant a lot, but someone's gotta put the rest of you straight!

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