Sean O'Byrne

SOCIAL MEDIA  How many articles have you read today on how to have a conversation with your colleagues, make an appropriate phone call or give the best damn handshake you can? None I hope. That's because we all know instinctively how to communicate; we've been doing it all our lives. It's part of our DNA. Making connections and building relationships is what we're all about.
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Sean O'Byrne

SOCIAL MEDIA  I believe 2012 will be the year that Twitter is finally recognised as a viable customer service tool for many Australian businesses. You only have to look at the increasing numbers of large and small businesses directing their customers not only to a customer service phone number or email address but also to their twitter handle e.g. @commbank, @VirginAustralia, @auspost and many more.
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Sean O'Byrne

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  OK, seriously folks. Playing music in the workplace - good or bad? I'm not talking about (bad) karaoke performances during the Christmas party or the odd break out performance from a bored colleague - although they can be fun too. Nope. I'm talking about normal, everyday background music from the radio or iTunes to add a bit of colour and flavour to an otherwise bland and stale workplace.
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Sean O'Byrne

SOCIAL MEDIA  Across the world, shrewd retailers are engaging with new and existing consumers within the vast and continually growing social media landscape to drive sales, support customer acquisition, enhance brand equity and strengthen customer loyalty.
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Sean O'Byrne

SOCIAL MEDIA  Working in PR gives one a unique and often insightful view of the impact social media can have as a method to connect with the differing facets of a brand's social communites. These communities comprise of not only the consumer target market and potential fan base, but also the media and the internal stakeholders/employees. However, confusion over how and when to target these different groups too often spells death to many a social media campaign.
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Sean O'Byrne

Sean O'Byrne
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  • I have over 10 years experience working in digital marketing and social media both here and in the UK.

    Currently I am a director at Agent Sydney, a new strategic marketing consultancy specialising in digital, social media, PR, events, experiential and brand development.

    We believe and are committed to the following:

    A NEW PATH TO SUCCESS: We believe that success in consumer markets is all about winning both hearts and minds of consumers. At the same time we believe that business can drive positive social change.

    FORGET BUSINESS AS USUAL: The only response to all this change is to be innovative, fast-paced, connected and big picture-focused.

    YOU/WE DON T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS: We believe businesses need to keep their finger on the pulse of the young as well as the young at heart. We believe smart companies build networks that help consumers tell them what they want.

    OPPORTUNITY IS ALL AROUND: All this change raises the possibility of creating new businesses. We think Australian companies are in a great position to be world leaders through their exposure to many cultures and strong local economic conditions.

    Brands I have worked with include Coca-Cola, Vitamin water, Mother Energy drink, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Lion Nathan, POM wonderful, Westpac, Optus, Unilever, Macquarie Bank, Bigpond, NRL, AFL. Westpac, Fox Home Entertainment, Nestle, Vic Government, a major Australian airline and Fonterra.

    Social media, consumer engagement strategy, social business strategy, customer service through social channels, social service delivery, brand development, digital strategy

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