Dr Mathew McDougall

WEB  Preferences and behavior of Chinese consumers are growing more sophisticated. We have moved beyond just 'price' when determining a purchase and today's Chinese consumers are drawn toward brands by high quality, international origin, good service, and value for money.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

SOCIAL MEDIA  China has its own lively, location-based sites (like foursquare) that are better adapted to Chinese netizens and support the connecting to Chinese SNS sites like renren, douban, Sina and kaixin.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

WEB  I bet if I asked the average Australian about Telstra spending 100's millions of dollars and owning a number of Chinese online publishers, many would be completely unaware if not completely surprised.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

SOCIAL MEDIA  A few days ago Hasbro launched a free online version of Monopoly called Monopoly City Streets that makes use of Google Maps in order for players to be able to purchase locations across the globe. I too have begun playing this monopoly game thinking it�s going to be a lot of fun.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Q. What 3 digital marketing channels & tactics will you emphasize in next 6 months?
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Dr Mathew McDougall

Dr Mathews reaction: This news has been picked up in a number of US based magazines and I see that they are trying to position this news as ... the next Search Engine to challenge Baidu Inc.'s dominance of the Chinese search market. But I don't think so....

BEIJING Big Chinese electronic-commerce company Alibaba Group has joined with Microsoft Corp. to create a new Web-search site a move that could challenge Baidu Inc.'s dominance of China's search market.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

Google threatened to pull out of its operations in China after it said it had uncovered a massive cyber attack on its computers that originated here in China. The details of this cyber attack made public via a blog post, will certainly win no friends in Beijing (with the Government) and represents a longer term issue between the company and Chinese Government.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

According to statistics published during the 2009 China Internet Conference held in Beijing, by the end of September 2009, the number of China's Internet users had reached 360 million.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

Chinese Internet company Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK: 0700)has published its performance report for the first half of 2009 and states it maintained a stable growth during the period, with net profit up 89.1% year-on-year to CNY2.228 billion.
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Dr Mathew McDougall

Did you hear that Google is getting into Caffeine Well this is the new code name for their upgraded search engine. According to (Googles launching a new, upgraded version of its search engine) Google has released it's developers preview. Their aim with this new version is to; improve the speed, accuracy, size, and comprehensiveness of Google search.
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