Tiphereth Gloria

SOCIAL MEDIA  Yes its February, but part of the reason of this timing is because of the launches that have been pumping out in the last few weeks. So with 11 months left of the year, I figured its a good time to look at the trends shaping the rest of 2011.
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Tiphereth Gloria

SOCIAL MEDIA  Greenpeace Australia came and did a presentation for Social Media Club Sydney, about the social media component for their global campaign to get Nestle to stop buying unsustainable palm oil from Sinar Mas, a global supplier that was destroying the south east Asian rainforests where orangutans were being threatened. I ran a social media analysis using Alterian SM2 to see how the Kit Kat brand in A
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Tiphereth Gloria

SOCIAL MEDIA  The 2010 Australian Election is going to be an interesting one for social media analysis, because for the first time we will see to be able to see whether social sentiment is going to have an impact on how people vote. I started looking at this on Friday 16 July, the day before the election was called, and left the social media monitoring tool looking at the same keywords over the weekend.
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Tiphereth Gloria

MOBILE  As an early adopter of the iPhone, I've noted its enthusiastic uptake in Australia. Looking on the streets and in meetings, it seems to be the dominant phone, at least in Sydney. Recent statistics prove this, showing the iPhone and iPod touch is dominant operating system - 93% of phones or mobile devices accessing the internet in Australia and NZ are iPhone iOS.
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Tiphereth Gloria

SOCIAL MEDIA  There are some social and digital trends which seem to hit like an avalanche, and others that build quietly and don't go away. I wanted to share this list, as a bit of a combination of both types, originally written for The Communications Council of Australia. You can substitute "social" with "digital" because there's not much happening in the digital world without social integration of some sort
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Tiphereth Gloria

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