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INDUSTRY TALK  Another Agile Innovators interview where we ask 1 entrepreneur 10 questions in 100 seconds. So its smart snappy answers. This time it's entrepreneur Bob Griffiths with his Coachmaster product, a tool for real time coaching and a development platform for coaches and other experts to develop coaching processes. Some interesting insights on what keeps him up at night and what drives him.
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ADVERTISING & MARKETING  There were a staggering 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages in 2012. The most searched for person? Whitney Houston.
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PEOPLE  Just in case you hadn't seen it, relive the videos, people and events that defined 2012 brought to you by Google. A lot of fun and cultural parody Google Gangnam style. Also below it it a list of the highest watched videos in Australia in 2012. PS: Gangnam will make 1 billion views views this Christmas...Thats a big WOW from me folks and a big sign of what 2013 has in store for us.
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MOBILE  Way back in the dark days of 2010, Google Europe's John Herlihy made a statement that "mobile makes the world's information universally accessible" and that "In three years time, desktops will be irrelevant. Herlihy's remarks were given weight to by comments from Google's then chief exec Eric Schmidt, at the Mobile World Conference event in Barcelona in 2011. 'The new rule is mobile first'.....
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ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Gerry Harvey's claim in March this year that there's no history of anyone making money in online selling seems now a comment from the distant past. Online sales in Australiaare booming with total sales predicted to touch $37.1 Billion next year. Thats a lot of money and someone must be making some or a lot of profit.
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Digitals reaction: this one is a bit obvious, ROI Is Still Huge, but interesting points.

n 2011, social media had its share of growing pains. Large brands and corporations took to social media in force to try to find footing in this expanding medium. Some brands found success, while others found peril and new PR nightmares. One person who has helped brands navigate the proverbial social media minefield is Amy Jo Martin. She is the founder of Digital Royalty, a social media firm that has set itself apart by helping A-listers find their social media voice. Amy works with people like Dana White of the UFC, Dwayne The Rock Johnson of acting/WWE fame and brands like Nike and Fox Sports (and now Joel Stein). Her specialty is working with organizations or individuals and making them look good online. Since the online world is in perpetual flux, I wanted to get Amy s take on the social media landscape for 2012. Here were a few key trends Amy said we should look out for in 2012:
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Digitals reaction: Vaughan Smith, Facebookâs director of corporate development, told Bloomberg in August that he intends to make about 20 purchases in 2011, up from 10 the previous year.

Gowalla, the increasingly-distant rival to location check-in service Foursquare, has reportedly been acquired by Facebook. By Guy Daniels. Late Friday evening, CNN Money broke the story that Gowalla had been acquired by Facebook for an undisclosed sum. Facebook has to date declined to comment, although Gowalla CEO Josh Williams appears to have confirmed the story in a leaked email. First, here s what a Facebook spokesperson said to CNN: We don't comment on rumour and speculation.
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