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INDUSTRY TALK  People ask me lots of questions about my knowledge or what special skills I have that give me creative licence to write articles and opinions on the state of internet retailing in Australia. Well to tell you the truth I don't have any, and that's what my secret is. You see it's my ability to explore and ask questions about things I don't know about, or understand then group them together in some sort of logic (or illogic).
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Mark Freidin

Marks reaction: Forget Omni Channel Retailing, the next BUZZWORD culd be Infinity Channel Retailing, which sums up the a concept of future smarter computing with far greater artificial intelligence and even deeper cross and multi channel integration capability.

Stuart Bennie Writes in an article in Inside Retailing about the potential future, where infinity represents WITHOUT ANY LIMIT.

And I thought I was a forward thinker ! Infinity Channel Retailing. I like it.

Click on the link below to read more about this.

All seems to have gone reasonably quiet on multi-channel. Thank goodness. But usually when this happens, the topic raises it s ugly head once more. In fact, some lunatic came up with the term omni-channel a little while ago. I had a vague idea of the difference, but this is what Wikepedia has to say: Omni-channel retailing is very similar to, and an evolution of, multi-channel retailing, but is concentrated more on a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels, i.e. mobile internet devices, computers, bricks and mortar, television, catalogue, and so on.
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Mark Freidin

Marks reaction: Excellence and perfection are treated as synonomous, but are they really? This brief comment explores the difference between excellence and perfection in relation to the fast paced world of online retailing

Most people would tend to think that striving for excellence and striving for perfection both mean the same thing. Do they? I have been very privileged to have worked in quite a few different industries in my life, which has given me many life skills that are very valid in the frenetic online retailing and ecommerce world.
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Mark Freidin

Marks reaction: Although published in Nov, Its always refreshing to see another report on the state of Online Retailing in Australia. The more reports out there the greater the opportunity to be able to compare and get a better understanding of where the industry is at, at the moment.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has published its latest research report: E-commerce marketplace in Australia: Online Shopping. The report is their first look at the developing online shopping market from both a supplier and user perspective.
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Mark Freidin

Marks reaction: An insiders take on life at and after - A copy of an email sent out to the database. The response was so overwhelming that we thought we would share it with the greater digital community. Feel free to respond.

I have been asked so many times recently what was it like working at Catch, what life is like after Catch/Scoopon, what are my plans etc. So, let me answer a few of these questions and share my exciting journey with you. For those of you that don t know me that well; up until recently I was Chief Operating Officer at the Catchoftheday group of companies. That s a large reason why kind of slowed down in the past 18 months. I couldn t fit enough into my 8 day weeks and something has gotta give, know what I mean. Anyhow that s all changed and those of you following the website will notice that there are fresh articles and content popping up on the site rather regularly once again.
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Mark Freidin

Marks reaction: Commentary on the all the media coverage relating to online retailing.

This week past is probably the most historic week for the online retailing industry in Australia. For years now there has been a plethora of expert commentary providing reasons why online retailing has failed, both from traditional retailers and from those in the industry or fringe to the industry. The infamous comment by Gerry Harvey that Online Retailing is a waste of time, followed by so called expert opinions that the country is too big, delivery logistics are too hard (anyone heard of Australia Post s eParcel service, an amazing service that will get a parcel to any address in Australia), the population is too small and so on, I could bore you with hundreds of pages of commentary from both sides, some true most just hypothesis. At this time in the background a few entrepreneurs were growing their email databases while offering incredible deals on their online stores. Some of the early adopter companies such as, and understood online and the web, its democratisation and liberation for shoppers These companies pursued this segment vigorously to become some of the nations top online retailers.
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  • Mark works with fast growing online and multichannel retailers. He assists in formalising strategy, structure and process...i.e operational optimisation. something most entrepreneurs don't or won't even think about until they stumble. Mark worked at for 18 months to do this very thing. Mark was also instrumental in working on the due diligence process with the investor consortium that ultimately invested $80 million into .

    Mark is a man on a mission - To make the soul of online retailing in Australia. One place where online retailers and vendors can learn about the latest trends, case studies, share information, all with an Australian perspective. Who else is doing this (with passion) - no one!

    Passionate about online retailing in Australia. Tell Mark your views, opinions, ideas. Lets invent the rules for online retailing in Australia.

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