Craig Wilson

WEB  Two years ago I explained 'Why my kids will be the death of traditional media' whilst I watched my sons effortlessly move between their armoury of digital playthings. Two years later and they are even more web savvy and connected. My eight year-old now blogs from his Posterous site, displaying the latest videos he shot on a Flip Camera, edited himself on iMovie and posted to YouTube. He creates his own video games using Sploder and embeds them into his blog, which in less than a month has attracted thousands of views.
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Craig Wilson

WEB  The current state of the television industry can be compared to the idiom, "Is the glass half empty or half full?" The pessimistic view is that the end is nigh and television is on a steady decline with internet technology as its biggest threat. But there are many who take the optimistic "glass half full" approach and are looking for opportunities for television online.
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Craig Wilson

INDUSTRY TALK  I was showing someone through the new Wired Magazine iPad application yesterday and while she was marveling at the animations, video, audio and general interactivity she made the comment, "Its not really a magazine anymore."
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Craig Wilson

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Is now the time for new kind of communications business that connects marketing specialists with corporate marketers? Its been obvious for a while now that the generalist media era is coming to an end. No longer do a handful of large media outlets determine our news and entertainment the way they did during the last century. Increasingly we are turning to a multitude of specialist media providers to satisfy our many needs. Media consumption is splintering so rapidly that its difficult to keep track of the vast array of options available to us.
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Craig Wilson

WEB  A major frustration of mine is seeing organisations pay little attention to their web presence. They run old, rarely updated websites that provide the user with little information and a generally poor experience. These organisations are finding it increasingly harder to compete and will be left behind unless they totally re-think (or start thinking about) online.
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Craig Wilson

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  • Craig is managing director of Sticky, a digitally-focused agency based in Newcastle, Australia.

    Sticky helps corporate marketers implement INBOUND MARKETING strategies to get found online, attract new prospects and turn traffic into sales. This includes SEO, social media and conversion strategies.

    Craig also founded & launched a dedicated web analytics site,, in 2009.

    Craig was a contributor to world-wide marketing book The Age of Conversation and Age of Conversation 2 and am often called upon by Australian media to comment or write about industry issues.

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