Chris Brinkworth

TECHNOLOGY  I spoke to many etailers/Marketing leaders at, about what they thought of the event. Several of these were international visitors. All, were equally impressed with the conference, but what interested me about the feedback was the view from UK attendees that I met.
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Chris Brinkworth

ADVERTISING & MARKETING, the largest event for internet retailing in the US, indeed - the world. As you can image - it is BIG business. However, why is that? What makes it the 'best of shows' and what can other conferences and you as 'attendees' learn from it?
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Chris Brinkworth

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  New York, New York - March 09. I understand that times are tough, markets are not crash-hot and spending has been pulled back. BUT - I'm getting frustrated at the amount of articles about online display rates dropping, the medium failing and the most coveted topic at the moment - that "CPC and CPA is the way forward".
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Chris Brinkworth

TECHNOLOGY  What is your personal consumer involvement with TV and Movie distribution online today? Just how much have you come to rely on interactive on-demand services and BitTorrent? How does it effect your viewing habits? What do you know about the laws involved? This post is about what I experienced when what i was 'used to' was suddenly not available to me on-demand; and the questions it raised from a professional view point.
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Chris Brinkworth

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Pretty much every digital agency has a war story of an online ad placement gone contextually wrong. Creative with planes on 'Airline Disaster' stories, shark related creative beside 'Woman 21 taken by shark' stories. Its when seemingly innocent creative executions, go horrible wrong.
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Chris Brinkworth

Chrises reaction: Release.

TechCrunch: TagMan, a company that allows marketers and advertisers to track online ad campaigns, has raised $2.25 million in Series A funding led by Greycroft Partners with iNovia Capital and undisclosed angel investors participating in the round. This round of funding brings the startup's total funding to nearly $5 million.
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Chris Brinkworth

Chrises reaction: I suggest, STRONGLY, that you read this. I'm consistently surprised at how few of my contacts in AUNZ are across what is going on in this space in the US and in Europe and very soon Asia. Publishers, agencies and networks all need to sit up and see what's happening in the data-driven space (cookies, tags, automated buying etc) and have an idea of how to approach it.

The acronym barrier has been broken time and again as data-driven media gains speed across digital channels.
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Chris Brinkworth

Chrises reaction: Love this.

Lee Stephens, the recently departed boss of Aegis Media’s Australian operation, will finish his gardening leave in February and start as the equity partner and chief executive of independent digital shop Switch Digital.
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Chris Brinkworth

Chrises reaction: Interesting to see how this pans out.

WASHINGTON — After “do not call” lists became popular, more than 90 percent of people who signed up reported fewer annoying telemarketing calls. Now, privacy advocates are pushing for a similar “do not track” feature that would let Internet users tell Web sites to stop surreptitiously tracking their online habits and collecting clues about age, salary, health, location and leisure activities.
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Chris Brinkworth

Chrises reaction: Can't say that I was really into banners at this time - I was trying to get into the glamorous world of TV buying.... kind of glad they didn't take me, because I get my chance again, just a different vehicle.

The Mosaic browser was just morphing into Netscape in 1994. And if you think ads slow down page loads now, readers had to download the first banner ads over thin dial-up connections.
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