Mike Boyd

MOBILE  I've just spent a few hours with The Daily and I'm pleased to say that it's a pretty good app - which it should be given the hype and investment from News Corp and Apple.
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Mike Boyd

MOBILE  You sweat bullets when an app is submitted to Apple for review - or at least we do - so it's nice to know that the review process is thorough.
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Mike Boyd

TECHNOLOGY  The fragmentation of TV delivery is revealing some exciting times for Australian marketers, media owners and audiences. The humble television has come a long way. Not since those early Saturday mornings sitting on the couch in suburban Sydney watching Thunderbirds has TV been at the front gate of such a field of opportunity - both for content providers and consumers.
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Mike Boyd

Mikes reaction: Not quite the article I was expecting,but an interesting perspective nonetheless. The MSFT-NOKIA tie up should be be overlooked - nor the potential for RIM devices to run Android apps. Interesting times ahead.

It has become impossible to escape the smartphone wars. Every day there is another infographic about the race for dominance between Android and iPhone. It has the feel of a political campaign, with the two major parties duking it out for 2012. Is there room for a third party? Is the Nokia-Microsoft team a political also ran?
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Mike Boyd

Mikes reaction: Bring it all together with NFC and loyalty at a local level and you've got a winner. My fear is that there is just too much complexity in this space right now for small to medium merchants. Time will tell.

When it comes to local commerce, the ultimate prize everyone is going after right now is how to close the redemption loop.
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Mike Boyd

Mikes reaction: Map viewing via mobile by its very nature should be outstripping the desktop web. What will be really interesting is when Google can tell us how many maps are being accessed via cars. Audi's sat nav is now over-the-air from Google Maps.

Location-based services and increasing smartphone sales are leaving their mark on the mapping world: mobile-based map access is up significantly, while access from stationary points (i.e. desktop and laptop PCs) actually dipped slightly.
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Mike Boyd

Mikes reaction: Another in the great TrendWatching series. This one focuses on the consumer as the central pivot point of innovation - as opposed to technology itself - which challenges a lot of people and businesses. Well worth the read. flagged URBANOMICS as one of their 11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011, but given urbanisation is one of the absolute 'mega macro' trends for the coming decade, here's a dedicated Trend Briefing focusing on just one of the implications of rampant urbanization: the rise of the CITYSUMER.
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Mike Boyd

Mikes reaction: Apple seems to be lurching from release to release with the iOS, but it never seems to convert into sales momentum. Android with a wider array of handsets and market agility is killing it. I'm of the opinion that RIM will bounce back too with BlackBerry 6 OS. Watch this space very, very carefully.

In a report that is raising eyebrows this morning, UK-based market research firm Canalys estimates that total shipments of Android phones in the U.S. during the third quarter were nearly twice as large as iPhone shipments. Out of 20.9 million smartphones shipped in the U.S., about 44 percent, or 9.1 million, are running the Android OS. Apple, shipped an estimated 5.5 million phones, or 26 percent of the total.
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