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Australian e-commerce statistics [infographic]

Gerry Harvey's claim in March this year that there's no history of anyone making money in online selling seems now a comment from the distant past. Online sales in Australiaare booming with total sales predicted to touch $37.1 Billion next year. Thats a lot of money and someone must be making some or a lot of profit.

australian ecommerce sales Who exactly its hard to say but with competitors just a click away, many of the front runners know that staying ahead of the game in online retail is a never-ending race of investment in new technology. Gerry may need to accept this and push his online selling culture.

Anyway, a good roundup of some key Australian ecommerce stats in a nice infographic from Some interesting take away 53% of users shop most often from Australian E-Commerce Sites, while 19% shop most often from overseas sites (the balance do both equally). 73% of online users in the age group of 35-44 and 40% of 65+ have shopped online.



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