Peter Connor

SOCIAL MEDIA  This article/talk is written to help business who have a product that their target market really is not knocking down the door to get at. The talk was designed to teach busy bootstrapped companies on how to market a product that might not be the easiest to market.
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Peter Connor

START UPS  What can Dropbox teach us about the myth of viral'? There's been a lot of buzz lately about the success of Dropbox, and how other startups might learn from it. They now have over 100 million users, and their excellent 'space race' referral offer played a big part. Many startups would have seen this as an example of the superiority of the viral marketing model, and sought how to replicate it...
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Peter Connor

START UPS  The Lean Start-up Methodology has caused quite a stir in the startup community. Here we give you an idea of what it's all about to put you on the track to 'thinking lean'.
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Peter Connor

START UPS  Sooner or later every startup founder is confronted with a choice: how much of my resources do I devote to developing my product and how much do I devote to marketing it? We had a look at what the experts think. Before we get down to the brass tacks, here's how you should approach your budget.
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Peter Connor

START UPS  The concept of culture is a tricky one, and it often seems too abstract to be worth talking about. We've had a look at some of super-genius Tom Eisenmanns favorite blog posts of 2012 about startup company culture and the recruitment process to try and get our heads around it, and we'll be using examples from the great work Jeff Bezos did at Amazon.
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Peter Connor

Peter Connor
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  • Having spent a number of years studying media and visual related courses I moved into Internet/Infrastructure based technology.

    I worked on a diverse range of technical projects within my 10 years with Rabobank Ireland, ranging from complex Telecommunications and Dealing Room technology's to finally working on Rabobank Ireland's flagship project RaboDirect, Ireland's first successful online bank.

    Mid 2008 I left Rabobank to setup Green Apple Media an internet development company, specialising in online business creation. We have developed a number of our own websites in a range of areas from social networks, personal finance, company incorporation, community based sports, and accounting.

    Since the start of 2010 till Mid 2011 Green Apple Media worked with MadDog Digital, a full service creative digital agency, our primary focus was working with JUST Mobile Irelands only Irish Owned MNVO mobile network floating between creative project to core integration with Vodafone.

    I continue to work full time on Bullet to which I'm a co-founder.

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