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INDUSTRY TALK  I read an article this morning blaming "designing ultra-sleek products that are difficult to manufacture" as the reason for Apples poor share performance recently. Analysts are blaming the power of people like Jony Ive. If Apples past comes back to haunt it, where control of the company is moved from strong leadership (Steve Jobs) and replaced by panicky sheep (The Apple Board), this is the end.
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Brad Down

PEOPLE  Hearing about the death of Steve Jobs for me was one of those 'where were you when it happened' moments. At the time I was sitting on the Manly Fast Ferry half way to the office. a couple of years ago if you had stood at the front and looked back at the passengers you would have seen a sea of white newspapers but now its all heads down staring at the little screen that connects us to the world.
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Brad Down

START UPS  I first met the vtalk guys at CeBIT and their little blue box piqued my interest. The simplicity of setup and the stylish design were enough for me to want to try it out. We had just moved office and had dumped a very expensive and complex NEC PBX system and were now using Skype which was much cheaper but proving unacceptable in a business context.
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Brad Down

START UPS  I have been really interested in NFC as a marketing channel and there has been a lot of interesting comments over at our Linkedin group and in conversations I have been having with people in the industry. Tapit came to my attention recently and it looks like an interesting company to keep an eye on.
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Brad Down

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  If you didn't make it to the Digital Media and Marketing Summit in Sydney this year, here is the Keynote from Gabe Zichermann. He is an enlightening and entertaining speaker and the concepts he imparts during his presentation can be applied to all aspects of your digital marketing activities. The Melbourne Digital Media and Marketing Summit is coming up on Wednesday the 26th October.
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Brad Down

Brads reaction: Anybody else seeing this? When we played with Facebook advertising looking for performance, this was certainly the impression we got.

A lot of people like to complain about their experiences on major web platforms such as Facebook, but most of them stick around as users, feeling that the pros outweigh the cons. But Limited Run, a startup that makes a software platform for musicians and labels to sell physical products like vinyl records, says it has reached the final straw with its experience as a small business advertising on Facebook and as a result is completely withdrawing its presence on the social networking platform.
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Brad Down

Brads reaction: Will be interesting to see if a product development focussed CEO can bring some innovation back to Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer, the long-time Google executive, has been named Yahoo president and CEO, the New York Times first reported. She resigned from Google Monday and starts at Yahoo Tuesday. Mayer had been at Google for 13 years, where she led products such as search and local. She told the Times, It was a reasonably easy decision to take the Yahoo job as it s one of the best brands on the Internet.
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Brad Down

Brads reaction: Good to see Microsoft finally understanding the value of usability. Seems Google and MS are starting to take the lead in an area where Apple has built its business. Apples desktop OS UI choices lately have been diabolical.

At PSFK's 2012 Conference in NYC, Steve Clayton gave a talk on Microsoft's latest push towards designing technology that actually feels natural to users. Overall, this is a trend that has slowly become more and more abundant in consumer tech over the past few decades. Prime examples of designers that subscribe to this way of thinking include the likes of Sir Jony Ive, Philippe Starck and even UI designers like Danny Trinh of Path and Matias Corea of Behance.
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Brad Down

Brads reaction: We have also updated our Facebook page to Timeline. I have found it actually a little nicer and impactful than the old pages.

Now that Facebook Timeline has finally rolled out for brands, companies have endless opportunities to refresh their social media strategy. Sounds overwhelming, doesn't it Let's break it down.As of Wednesday, brands can opt in on the new features. If you are not familiar them, be sure to review them here before you dive into this project. Some of the prominent changes include a new layout with cover photo, highlighting features and the ability to edit and update without navigating to a separate page. Timeline will automatically go live for all brand pages Mar. 30.
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Brad Down

Brads reaction: "We may use the name you provide for your Google Profile across all of the services we offer that require a Google Account. In addition, we may replace past names associated with your Google Account so that you are represented consistently across all our services."

For those of you who've been keeping me company on Twitter today, you'll know I set myself the mind-numbing task of reading the new Ts&Cs Google are introducing tomorrow. The company has everyone in a bit of a stir, as it brings together all of the data the search giant has collected about you across its many online properties.
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