Teresa Sperti

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Once again digital predictions are coming out of the woodwork. I've scoured the web for some of the most insightful digital trends of 2013 from the experts.
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Teresa Sperti

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  With days until Xmas, it's time to reflect on the year that was for the Australian digital industry. It's been a BIG year in digital with a lot of industry firsts and some interesting legislation that makes it just that bit tougher for brands to leverage important digital channels.
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Teresa Sperti

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  When you think online retailing, the world's best pure play brands like Amazon, Net-A-Porter and ASOS immediately come to mind. Many traditional retailers have watched and learnt from these digital pioneers, and even suffered at the hands of them, as their lower overheads and agility has enabled them to undercut and out manoeuvre bricks and mortar competitors.
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Teresa Sperti

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  In a recent presentation at Social Media Club Melbourne, Steve Rubel of Edelman proclaimed 5 companies control and influence the distribution of content on the web Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Amazon. In an era where brands are rapidly generating content to connect, engage and inspire consumers, no brand can ignore the role some or all of the big 5 play in their content and digital strategy. Although there are many different strategies and approaches brands can take to effectively leverage these channels, the Big 5s current focus will influence where brands need to exert their energy next
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Teresa Sperti

ADVERTISING & MARKETING  Digital predictions for 2012 are a dime a dozen so I have taken a slightly different approach by detailing what I believe is most important for marketers to think about and focus on in the year ahead.
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Teresa Sperti

Teresas reaction: My compilation of the best insights shared at day 1 of Ad-Tech Melbourne

One of the best things about attending a conference are the little snippets of stats, views and news that get the creative juices flowing and inspire us to push the boundaries. And that s exactly what I got from attending Day 1 of Ad-Tech in Melbourne.
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Teresa Sperti

Teresas reaction: A case study on how NAB is using online and offline integration to deliver success in their latest campaign.

As organizations are beefing up their digital strategies, one of the most challenging issues they will face it integration. As many marketing teams are divided by specialization delivering 1 consistent message can be difficult particularly in larger organizations.
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Teresa Sperti

Teresas reaction: Summary of stats and personal thoughts on how the marketplace is evolving in Oz.

The group buying space in Australia is really starting to heat up. In late January Yahoo!7 announced the acquisition of Spreets, GroupOn began its Australian assault with StarDeals and a number of brands have launched aggressive marketing campaigns to win market share. This article takes a closer look at the industry and what is in store for 2011.
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Teresa Sperti

Teresas reaction: My thoughts on SEO in 2011.

In 2010 we saw Google release several key changes to its algorithm and search interface some of which included Caffeine, May Day, Google Instant and Google Places all of which and more kept SEOs and marketers alike on their toes. So what will organic search be all about in 2011
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Teresa Sperti

Teresas reaction: Hope you enjoy my compilation of digital trends for 2011.

This year rather than collate a summary of my own digital predictions for 2011, I have compiled a summary of some of the key predictions for 2011 from a few global thought leading individuals and companies in the industry, Dave Chaffey & BigMouthMedia. I have however as usual added a local spin on the trends as well as added a few additional local predictions of my own.
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